ClickShare CSE-200 base unit firmware v1.6.0.3


359.33 MB

29 jun '18

ClickShare CSE-200

Release notes

=== What's new in this release ===

  • Touchback

    Enable more interactive meetings with our new Touchback feature! When connecting a touch screen to your Base Unit, it is now possible to interact with the presenter. computer with touch. No need to install drivers, search for the USB cables or work with a dedicated room system: bring your own device, plug in a Button and discover a whole new level of collaboration.

    Note: Touchback feature only works on the CSE-200 Base Units when used with Buttons with serial number R9861500D01 or R9861500D01C, and only when one presenter is on screen. For immediate use of the feature, make sure to pair the Buttons after updating. No configuration is needed on the Base Unit. List of supported touch screens can be found in the technical documentation section of the product page.

  • Support for the Button Manager

    ClickShare now makes it easier for IT or facility managers or venue hosts to pair a number of ClickShare Buttons to a Base Unit in a particular meeting room without actually requiring physical access to the room or Base Unit. More information about the Button Manager can be found here:

  • Other

    The ClickShare client is now signed with a new certificate.

    'Capture More' mode is now used by default for screen scraping. This will only impact Windows 7 users.

=== Things we fixed ===

  • Issue where Button does not always connect to the closest access point in full network integration mode
  • Issue with EAP when using special characters in the password
  • Issue where a 'ClickShare server Error' was given on the CSE-200
  • Sending dummy string to port 7100 results in Base Unit crash (CVE-2018-10943)

Version history

Version details Security Size Release date
v1.6.0.3 (selected) public 359.33 MB 29 jun '18 Direct download
v1.5.2.3 public 355.84 MB 27 mar '18 Direct download
v1.5.1.2 public 362.74 MB 27 dec '17 Direct download
v1.5.0.12 public 363.35 MB 14 dec '17 Direct download
v1.4.2.12 public 363.6 MB 13 sep '17 Direct download
v1.4.0.105 public 361.64 MB 23 jun '17 Direct download
v1.3.4.8 public 360.5 MB 04 apr '17 Direct download
v1.3.1.5 public 344.39 MB 26 sep '16 Direct download
v1.3.0.29 public 342.62 MB 29 jul '16 Direct download
v1.2.2.3 public 365.43 MB 19 may '16 Direct download
v1.2.1.1 public 386.26 MB 02 may '16 Direct download
v1.2.0.1 public 364.77 MB 08 apr '16 Direct download
v1.1.0.8 public 383.13 MB 18 feb '16 Direct download

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