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Control rooms are becoming increasingly complex environments. The introduction of big data, with an exponential growth of information, is offering a lot of new opportunities for users - but puts a lot more strain on the IT infrastructure. TransForm N, Barco's networked visualization platform, is a powerful answer to today's challenges.


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Ultimate reliability

TransForm N was designed to ensure 24/7 performance. We know that your control room is a critical environment, so we make sure that the right content is available at the right place - and at the right time. 

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Towards smarter decisions

By providing situational awareness at all time, TransForm N gives all stakeholders the needed information to grasp the complete picture of the situation. Content sources can be visualized on a control room video wall or any other display inside or outside your control room. 

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Flexible scalability

Barco's TransForm N grows with your needs. The modular architecture allows easy wall extensions and adding extra rooms to the systems, including break-out rooms, training rooms, ... What's more, adding additional input sources is just a matter of introducing extra hardware boxes to the system, in a plug-and-play-like philosophy.

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