Medical displays

At Barco, we help medical professionals enable better health outcomes and work more efficiently in an increasingly complex healthcare enterprise. Our extensive line-up of high-precision medical monitors brings accuracy and efficiency to a broad range of healthcare disciplines. Our offering consists of display systems designed especially for various disciplines, including radiology, mammography, surgerydentistry, pathology and clinical review imaging. By providing medical staff with the complete and most accurate picture, we enable more informed decisions, when and where it matters most.

What is a medical display?

A medical display is a monitor that meets the high demands of medical imaging. Medical displays usually come with special image-enhancing technologies to ensure consistent brightness over the lifetime of the display, noise-free images, ergonomic reading and automated compliance with DICOM and other medical image quality standards.

Displays for digital radiology and mammography

A diagnostic display for radiology and/or mammography is used by radiologists to view diagnostic images, such as X-rays, MRIs, CT scans and more. These displays come with special tools and technologies to help radiologists make a swift and accurate diagnosis.

Higher brightness, better detection

Digital mammography images require the highest resolution and brightest displays for review. Higher brightness can contribute to a bigger chance of finding microcalcifications, which could indicate presence of breast cancer.

Displays for digital pathology

Displays for digital pathology are designed especially for image viewing in pathology. For example, they offer color spaces that are adapted to digital slides, or fast refresh rates for smooth and clear images during panning or zooming. They deliver consistent, detailed images and their image quality doesn’t degrade over the years.

Medical display controllers

Medical displays for radiology, mammography and pathology require an advanced display controller that can faultlessly process the large, highly detailed files that come with medical imaging. They can handle intensive, long-term use, and process large images correctly and with minimal delay. In these ways, they can support the medical professional’s workflow. Furthermore, advanced display controllers can support technologies to better detect small details and work faster.

Displays for the operation room

In surgery, especially image-guided, it is vital that images are rendered instantly, with minimal delay. This ensures better hand-eye coordination for surgeons, because what they see on the screen matches what happens in real time.

Surgical displays range from near-patient monitors to large-screen OR displays. Most surgical displays can be mounted onto surgical arms or booms, with cables neatly hidden, and the screen is usually scratch-resistant. They can also allow for easy cleaning and disinfection.

Displays for dentistry

A dental display is a high-bright, medical monitor designed for viewing of dental images, such as X-rays of teeth, bone, nerves, and soft tissue. With dental displays, subtle abnormalities or concealed anatomical structures in the oral and maxillofacial regions become more visible, compared to consumer displays. This makes it easier for dentists to detect dental pathologies. Dental displays come in various shapes and forms, from cleanable review displays to high-end displays designed specifically for dental diagnosis.

Displays for clinical use

You don’t always need a high-resolution diagnostic display in a clinical environment. You might be looking for a display you can use for various non-diagnostic activities, such as enabling easy access for clinical staff to electronic medical records, or medical images. Clinical review displays help you making medical information available across an enterprise, reliably and with consistent image quality. They can offer additional functionalities for use in medical environment, such as cleanable design that can stand alcohol cleaning agents. All our clinical review displays are DICOM-compliant.

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