Barco simulation projectors: A vision to trust

Simulators help trainees prepare for difficult tasks, important missions, or unexpected situations. Presenting lifelike images helps them to fully immerse themselves in the training and learn the techniques as they should – avoiding negative training.

Barco’s world-leading projectors and visualization equipment offer the best possible image quality to create an optimal training environment. Designed for use in the most demanding simulation applications, our broad portfolio creates realism through lifelike images.

IR night vision goggles supported


Night missions are an essential part of simulated training but require specialized equipment. Barco is leading the training and simulation industry since many years, designing and manufacturing projectors for Night Vision Goggle (NVG) stimulation with an accuracy never seen before. Barco has dedicated projectors for NVG training in its portfolio.

Reliability and performance at any time

Our ultimate goal is to enable premium experiences across the board. Together with you and your partners, we look for the best solution. And we go the extra mile with state-of-the-art projection technology, high-quality hardware peripherals, powerful software features, and a sound service program. 

G lens (0.65 - 0.75 : 1) Short Throw for G60 - R9802300


From ultra short throw to long-throw… Find the ideal lens for your projection set-up in just a few clicks with the Barco lens calculator. 

F80 projector mounted in rental frame and truss,via regular clamps (4)

Third-party accessories

In working together with our global network of trusted third-party partners, we guarantee you always get the best and the brightest!

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Benefit from a total modular service solution guaranteeing worry-free outcomes for all parties involved.

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