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Stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest, and choose our presentation switchers that offer modular solutions that scale with your requirements.

Barco provides event professionals and fixed installs with a very complete range of image processing solutions that meet every application. The tools include presentation switchers, controllers and scalers. The power and flexibility can be used in both event or meeting and conference applications.

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Barco technology offers us so many creative options. The team can develop and switch between a nearly unlimited amount of content templates to cater for their 24/7 program schedule. Thanks to Barco’s image processing this can all be done in perfect resolution, and with no sign of jittering or glitching.

Fadi Radi

Director of Creative, Al Arabiya

Our portfolio


Full 4K show control in a single box

  • Up to 4x 4K canvas (40 MP)
  • Up to 16 outputs
  • Up to 32 inputs
  • Up to 16 PiP windows


Compact and expandable processor

  • Up to 2x 4K canvas (20 MP)
  • Up to 12x outputs
  • Up to 12x inputs
  • Up to 16 PiP windows
PDS-4K packshot


Switcher with audio capabilities

  • Up to 4K canvas (10 MP)
  • Up to 2x outputs & 6x copies
  • Up to 10x inputs
  • Up to 2 PiP windows per output

Why is screen management important?

The demand for extremely high-resolution, video-based installations that impress audiences with an exceptional experience is growing. That's why image processing, screen management, and show control are key. Barco provides event professionals and venue customers with a very complete range of image processing solutions. Thanks to its unbridled creativity, ultimate ease-of-use and flexibility it can be used in different applications from virtual events to meeting and conference environments.

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