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For flexibility and choice, it’s hard to beat Barco’s range of fixed installation projectors. Choose from a reliable, future-proof illumination technology that ranges in power from 7K up to a massive 75K. Always a perfect match for all your projection installations - from immersive experiences like museums, theme parks and planetariums, to workplace environments such as lobbies and boardrooms.

Customer story museum application pictures
Memory Lane Museum in Russia, installation name 1418 using Barco projectors

We couldn’t have made this challenging installation work without the Barco projectors and short throw lenses. And thanks to the relentless dedication and coordination of the Barco team, we were even able to complete this stunning visualization project in record time.


Alexey Samokhin

Creative Director at Avilex

From ok to WOW!

Our ultimate goal is to enable premium experiences across the board. Together with you and your partners, we look for the best solution. And we go the extra mile with state-of-the-art projection technology, high-quality hardware peripherals, powerful software features, and a sound service program. It’s these things that will make the difference and push your visual installation from ‘OK’ to ‘WOW’.

G lens (0.65 - 0.75 : 1) Short Throw for G60 - R9802300


From ultra short throw to long-throw… Find the ideal lens for your projection set-up in just a few clicks with the Barco lens calculator. 

UDX projector in rental frame, truss-mounted

Third-party accesories

In working together with our global network of trusted third-party partners, we guarantee you always get the best and the brightest!

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Benefit from a total modular service solution guaranteeing worry-free outcomes for all parties involved.

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