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HDR by Barco

Elevate your cinema with unprecedented brightness, profound blacks, and captivating contrast. Harnessing the power of laser projection and a patented approach, HDR by Barco redefines the very essence of cinematic excellence.

  • Dramatic Contrast
  • Brilliant Highlights
  • Exquisite Details
  • Darker Darks
  • Vivid Colors

Barco Series 4

We designed Barco Series 4 in collaboration with cinemas for their exact needs. A unified family of next-generation laser projectors. Powering your cinema with a performance and a simplicity you’ve never seen before.

  • Brilliant image
  • Ready to evolve
  • Barco EcoPure™
  • Fit and forget

Laser Light Upgrade

Prepare your projector for tomorrow. Our fully-integrated Laser Light Upgrade can replace and improve the light source in Series 2 models. A sustainable way to bring incredible image quality and crystal-clear cinema to your audience.

  • Extend lifetime
  • Energy savings
  • Laser quality
  • Simplify operations