Barco & Logitech Strategic Alliance Partnership

Delivering the best video conferencing experience in partnership with Logitech

Improving workplace productivity and optimizing  video conference room capacities of  the workforce have been a challenge for many businesses, governments and organizations in the past years. The Barco & Logitech wireless video conferencing solutions not only boost efficiency and interactivity, they also prepare you for the digital workplace of the future.

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Logitech’s preferred partner for agnostic solutions next to Zoom, Microsoft and Google

Barco ClickShare, leader in wireless presentation and conferencing, and Logitech, leader in AV peripherals for small and medium rooms, have joined forces to offer the best agnostic solution for wireless videoconferencing on the market. This solution uses the concept of Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) and provides unique advantages for conference rooms of all sizes and setups. 

Large Room

Google Cloud
Microsoft Teams

Medium Room

Google Cloud
Microsoft Teams

Small Room

Google Cloud
Microsoft Teams
Google Cloud
Microsoft Teams
Large Room
Medium Room
Small Room

Why combine ClickShare with Logitech?

Easy to setup

One box to open with a quick guide explaining how to unbox and connect products

Easy to use

Selected Barco and Logitech products are combined to offer a seamless user experience

First line support

Barco provides first line support via CX certified resellers

Peace of mind

Don’t waste time figuring out which products to buy for your meeting room, with our easy to choose bundles based on room size

Proven solution

Product combinations have been tested extensively

Future proof

Logitech and Barco will continue to work together to enable new experiences thanks to a closer integration between ClickShare Conference and Logitech MeetUp/Rally conferencecams, available in future software updates

Logitech Conference Room Solutions for Barco ClickShare

These solutions combine Barco ClickShare wireless conferencing products (from the CX family) and Logitech video conferencing products (MeetUp and Rally products) to provide a proven and easy-to-buy solution (products are bundled physically in one box). There are three Logitech bundles focused on small, medium and large meeting rooms.

Discover our Brochure on Logitech Room Solutions for Barco ClickShare

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Logitech about hybrid meetings, return to the office and the ClickShare partnership

How to set-up your meeting room for better hybrid meetings

Discover wiring diagrams for your type of meeting room. Here's how you can add our solutions to the perfect set-up for your space. Click the image to expand.

Large meeting room

Medium meeting room

Small meeting room

Mobile Cart

(*) BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) describes the workplace experience where people prefer to host a conference call from their personal device using their preferred conferencing solution (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Webex, Zoom and many more). And they choose to ignore the existing meeting room equipment provided to connect remote participants. BYOM is expanding rapidly and three factors are driving this trend:

  • We are more productive when we use our own devices at work
  • We prefer a particular conferencing solution – one with a user experience that appeals to us or fits most closely with how we like to work
  • We avoid using equipment that we don’t understand or find difficult to operate

Great things happen when people click.

As more and more people are working remotely and flexibly, office spaces and “meetings” are being radically transformed. This workplace revolution opens up new possibilities for more productive and efficient ways of working. At the same time, it creates new challenges for business leaders. Future growth depends on investing in the right collaboration tools and tech for your workforce.
Bring your own meeting to the meeting room.
Collaborate seamless with all meeting participants.
Click with both remote & in-person attendees.

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