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Jabra is a leader in engineering communications and sound solutions, innovating to empower businesses. Through audio and video we transform lives. Jabra engineering excellence leads the way, building on 150 years of pioneering work. Our headsets, video conferencing cameras, communications tools and software help professionals work productively with the flexibility to thrive in any environment. For seamless collaboration, Jabra’s intelligent video conferencing solutions enable powerful collaboration between distributed enterprise teams, students and teachers, healthcare professionals and more.
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Jabra Room Solutions for Barco ClickShare Conference

Jabra PanaCast and Speak certified interoperability with Barco’s ClickShare Conference platform delivers easy-to-use, comprehensive solutions for video conferencing and meeting collaboration. With this winning combination, Jabra is enabled with ClickShare Conference’s one touch room join functionality so all participants are included, easily in view and heard.
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Jabra PanaCast, engineered to be the world’s first intelligent 180° Panoramic-4K plug-and-play video solution, delivers inclusive meetings, instant collaboration, intelligent video technology, and versatile compatibility with all UC platforms, and whiteboard sharing. Combine PanaCast with Jabra Speak for an optimal video and audio experience.

Jabra PanaCast 50. The video bar. Reinvented. For outstanding videoconferencing, PanaCast 50 brings the best of all worlds with industry-leading professional audio and intelligent video technology. Leveraging this uniquely advanced system architecture and built-in AI, the device autonomously adjusts, zooming in to focus on just one or two people or utilizing the full 180° view to include everyone in the conversation.

Jabra Speak Series – this feature-filled solution delivers superb sound quality while making conference calls easy with intuitive interfaces and multiple connectivity options such as Bluetooth®. Includes portable devices for traveling, in the office or huddle rooms and central speakerphone for meeting rooms and boardrooms.

Validated Peripherals

Device Peripheral firmware ClickShare Conference firmware Solution area Type Interoperability
Link 370 1.87 02.14 (latest) Room Devices Speakerphone Certified
PanaCast 02.14 (latest) Room Devices Camera Certified
PanaCast 20 3.2.6 02.14 (latest) Room Devices Camera Certified
PanaCast 50 4.1.5 02.14 (latest) Room Devices All-In-One USB Audio-Video Device Certified
Speak 510 2.32.0 02.14 (latest) Room Devices Speakerphone Certified
Speak 710 1.39.0 02.14 (latest) Room Devices Speakerphone Certified
Speak 750 2.43 02.14 (latest) Room Devices Speakerphone Certified
Speak 810 1.9.0 02.14 (latest) Room Devices Speakerphone Certified

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Tower II, Suite 800 Lowell Massachusetts
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