SmartCare for ClickShare

  • 5 years analytics license
  • 5 years coverage
  • increased service levels

The SmartCare package is included in the purchase of each ClickShare unit.

For those rare occasions when you encounter issues with our wireless presentation or conferencing solution, we have launched SmartCare, a service package that provides your company with budget predictability, swift hardware replacement and expert support from both Barco and our partners for up to 5 years.

SmartCare is a service package included in the purchase of each ClickShare Conference and Present unit. Smartcare can be claimed when the unit is registered to Barco or added via the central management solution.

5 year coverage

Increased service levels

5 year analytics licence

XMS cloud

What’s included in SmartCare?

5 year coverage

  • Extended hardware coverage
  • Free software upgrades
  • No unexpected replacement costs

Increased service levels

  • First responses from our helpdesk teams
  • Advanced swap via a Barco authorised partner
  • Access to the online knowledge base
  • Next-business day express shipments to get replacement hardware on-site faster via a Barco authorised partner
  • Priority access to experienced product specialists via a Barco authorised partner

5 year analytics and insights subscription via XMS Cloud

What are the benefits of SmartCare?

  • Guaranteed best user experience throughout the lifetime of your product
  • Peace of mind in case of a defect, reduce downtime
  • Faster, longer and better support from our teams
  • Safeguard your investment at predictable cost
  • 5 year license for insights and analytics for XMS to optimize your meeting deck technology

How to enjoy SmartCare?

Activate your SmartCare package for your ClickShare unit at any time within 6 months of your purchase by adding your unit to the XMS Cloud platform. You can access the XMS Cloud via the device’s web configurator.
If the SmartCare package is not activated, a standard warranty of 1 year will apply.

With the XMS Cloud you can access, update, configure and troubleshoot your install base centrally and remotely. And have access to the insights & analytics capabilities.

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