The benefits of ClickShare: quick, easy IT integration

As an IT manager or member of an IT department your work life is always challenging. Software upgrades and locked accounts are peanuts compared to new implementations of ever-changing tools and solutions. Freeing up your time for big, future-proof projects and helping you get rid of the daily break & fix issues, now there’s our challenge.

ClickShare offers a range of agnostic, wireless collaboration and conferencing room solutions for the hybrid workplace that are secure, performant, easy to use, deploy and manage. Thanks to a specific set of features designed to match your needs, ClickShare is sure to boost business efficiency and performance for all employees and guests. When you invest in ClickShare, you prepare your enterprise for the future and embrace the Digital Workplace. Turn any space into a hybrid meeting space with just one click.

Embrace BYOD and hybrid meeting in your company

New generations of millennials are entering the workplace and their expectations are driven by their digital lifestyle (online gaming, Google docs, social media…), especially when it comes to choosing technology solutions. Ease-of-use and accessibility are their main requirements for technology, and they are not only the ones using the tools, they also manage them. BYOD and BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) have since long been common practise in businesses.

With hybrid, remote and flexible working on the rise, it is also paramount that devices and tech used by your employees are fully secure, easy accessible and fully compatible with your existing IT infrastructure. Still the use of personal devices, apps and tools often clash with the requirements of a business. Deciding and implementing technology solutions in an enterprise is the responsibility of an IT department. The challenge for an IT-manager is to find those tools that fit within the budget, but that also give employees that same intuitive experience and that speed up business outcomes. Preferably one–fits-all solutions that don’t disrupt the employee experience.
For over 1 billion people the windows PC is their window to the world.

Panos Panay, Chief Product Officer Microsoft, 2020


What does this mean for your collaborative tools?

Setting up a meeting or hybrid video call today is not as straightforward as it might seem. It’s trouble, it’s calling IT and fighting with tech that is not as intuitive as it should be. The meeting room collaboration tools are often too complex and room-centric. Unlike, person-centric tools that are more closely integrated into the employee’s digital workflow than any of set-ups in enterprises today. People now have a very strong laptop-first mentality. The success of your future meeting room strategy and the choice of your collaborative tools depends a great deal on putting the user at the center of the workflow. Only then will you be able to make effective use of your meeting room real estate, free your enterprise from clutter and useless interventions in meeting rooms and actually gain time.

77% of employees think all meeting rooms should be equipped for video conferencing
Outlook for the post-covid workplace, ClickShare research on hybrid meetings, 2021

Which ClickShare product can be your perfect match?

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The success of your future meeting room strategy and the choice of your collaborative tools depends a great deal on putting the user and his or her laptop at the center of the workflow. Only then will you be able to make effective use of your meeting room real estate, free your enterprise from clutter and useless interventions in meeting rooms and actually gain time. 

How can ClickShare change your work life?

In order to enable your business to grow its productivity, you, as IT-manager, will need to opt for new tools and ways of working. So, in looking for innovative and cost-effective meeting solutions, take note of the benefits ClickShare wireless room solutions can bring you and your department:

1. A single user experience

Why not go for agnostic collaborative solutions that can be used throughout your entire enterprise, from huddle space to boardroom, from meeting room to conference room? Integrating and combining different solutions requires extensive IT support and knowledge by users. ClickShare setups, however, are seamless and unified, without integration compatibility issues.

Our ClickShare Conference range works with the Unified Communications solutions of your choice (like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex,...), no matter which, and shares your apps wirelessly to the room display and makes a instant, wireless connection to a wide range of AV USB room peripherals (speakerphones, mics, soundbars, cameras) for better hybrid meetings. Starting a meeting is always the same, no downloads, manuals or extra tools needed for your employees. We offer a simple Plug and Play option in every huddle room, meeting room or boardroom. Access to wireless conferencing in the ClickShare Conference range works with a Button or with the Desktop App. Automated, intent-based meeting flows powered by the App make the experience smart and intuitive for users.

Next to that ClickShare products are fully BYOD compatible. Wireless presentation with the ClickShare range can be done from any Windows or Mac laptop with both the Button or Desktop App. Users can also use an iOS or Android device to share content wirelessly to the room display via the ClickShare mobile device App, AirPlay, GoogleCast or Miracast. ClickShare Present is the perfect addition for easier hybrid meeting in fixed conference rooms like a Microsoft Teams Room or a Zoom Room, it can also be used as a stand-alone.

Wireless conferencing with the ClickShare Button is guest-friendly, anyone can start a videocall and instantly share content in any meeting room. No installation or training needed. Just plug in and go! Starting touchless wireless conferencing with the ClickShare App is just as easy and can be rolled out enterprise-wide for all employee laptops. The App gives easy access to some additional power functionalities like - window selection or pause sharing. ClickShare Conference matches your digital workplace strategy. Touch or touchless, Button or App. It’s your way of working, your decision.

2. Perfect fit with your environment

The integration of all ClickShare systems into your network, whether they are from the range of wireless presentation systems or wireless conference systems, is simple and can be fully adapted to your network requirements. Our connected, IT grade solution supports any infrastructure configuration that your company might deploy: standalone, connected or fully network integrated. For practical questions on network deployment of the ClickShare range, check our technical support or get in touch with your Barco contact. Read more

3. No additional training

Explain once, enable forever thanks to smart meeting flows. ClickShare fits with a consistent and intuitive meeting experience that allows you to train users on their laptop, enabling them to use that same workflow to start a meeting in any meeting room.

4. Easy to manage

The day-to-day management of ClickShare is easy, with tools like the ClickShare configurator. But real value comes when working with our XMS management platform. Managing, monitoring and updating with our free software updates a fleet of units can be done smoothly and automatically with our XMS cloud-based solution or with our XMS Virtual Edge software. A set of analytics and dashboards offers insights in the use of your collaborative tools and gives you further possibilities to optimize the capacity of your facility.

5. No need for additional investments

When your IT department considers a new solution, one of the most common problems is, inevitably, the cost involved. Not only do new systems require investment, they often need further investments in new peripherals for use with them. With ClickShare there is no need for any additional investment. Our products work with your existing solutions   and there is no requirement for additional HDMI leads or adapters to meet BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) needs and to enable better hybrid meetings. 

We support the broadest compatibility with USB conference cameras and speakers in the market, including products from top players like the Bose VB-1, the Logitech MeetUp and Rally, the Poly Studio, the Jabra Panacastand Speak or the NurevaHDL300 and Dual HDL300Check out the complete list

In addition, displays can be used for digital signage thanks to integrations with partners, whenever they are not used for conferencing or presenting. ClickShare helps to boost the ROI of your meeting spaces and informs, inspires and impresses.

6. Guest friendly

Guests bring their own devices and are often crucial participants in meeting rooms. Use a secure solution, enabling your employees to close deals, meet, brainstorm with guests in and outside the meeting room with only, one single experience for all.

7. Secure

As only ISO 27001 certified wireless solution on the market, ClickShare products are designed with security in mind. Both in hardware, software and even on a process level. Your security, privacy and confidentiality are high on our agenda.

Enterprises can benefit from choosing their own security levels, there are multiple layers of encryption and a thoughtful implementation of verification mechanisms like a pin-code. Working with the ClickShare Button or App, only allows original Barco software to run on your device and prevents malware from invading. Know more on our security?

It’s clear that your end users should not deal with complex meeting room set-ups when they are used to quick meetings and video calls. Recognize the improvements you can make? ClickShare can help you to bring collaboration to the next level in your company.

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