The benefits of ClickShare: reliable, secure, futureproof room systems

Providing recommendations for new technologies or innovations is a key and exciting part of the job for any consultant. Having been brought in to oversee an office relocation or refurbishment it’s important to not only understand how a particular product or system works, but how it can benefit the company you’re working with once things are up and running in the new, or new-look location.

ClickShare agnostic, wireless conferencing and presentation room systems have been installed in tens of thousands of premises all over the world, helping companies to revolutionise the ways in which their teams collaborate in-room or in hybrid meetings.

Fitted as part of an existing meeting room refurbishment or built into the design of a new huddle space in the new location, ClickShare is a popular choice among IT managers, commercial decision makers and employees using the solutions on a daily basis.

Let’s look at just what makes a ClickShare room system such a popular and wise recommendation.


Reliable conferencing and collaboration systems

Businesses don’t have time for malfunctioning equipment or missing components. In offices around the world there are currently systems that don’t work because of outdated software and equipment, missing or damaged HDMI cables and incompatible peripherals.

ClickShare is not one of these systems and that is a clear, concise reason why so many consultants recommend ClickShare to their clients. Designed to work by connecting any Windows or Apple device to the central Base Unit - that you can integrate in the company network as you prefer- to share content on a central meeting room screen, ClickShare is a fully wireless room system operated through the ClickShare Button or Desktop App.

No period of installation or training is required as ClickShare works in a plug and play manner. Automated, intent-based meeting flows make the experience smart and intuitive for users. Simply connect to the Base Unit, tap the Button or open the App , and users will be able to start a meeting or sharing their screen from their chosen device. Even remote meetings are made easier with our wireless conferencing solutions which allow you to connect wirelessly to USB room camera, mic and speaker and use these room peripherals in your video call.

94% says ClickShare is simple and intuitive to use

Protecting the system, and business, against security breaches

With any system connected to a company network these days there are risks. Cyber criminals are more advanced than ever before, as are their techniques, and that means that any recommendation must take security into account.

ClickShare is one of the most technically secure systems around today, and it has ISO 27001 certification to back it up, as the only solution in the market. Each ClickShare system is developed through rigorous, detailed security testing including threat modelling and penetration testing to ensure that it can stand up to all current threats.

Not only that, new security updates can be downloaded automatically to each system through the remote, cloud-based XMS management platform enabling the IT department or administrators within the business to install upgrades that tackle online security risks as soon as they are identified.

Developed for the future, today

Built to perform now in terms of the overall quality of the system, not just its practicality, ClickShare is designed and developed to carry on performing in the months and years ahead. Rather than delivering immediate yet short-term benefits for the company, ClickShare room systems are futureproofed meaning they can be updated and managed through the cloud-based XMS management platform - or the XMS Virtual Edge software if you prefer to manage ClickShare devices on-premise - to ensure that users reap the benefits of updated features and enhanced security.

This means that ClickShare is likely to carry on providing multiple benefits for the company even five years down the line. Where meeting room screens, peripherals and laptops may come and go during that time, a ClickShare system will continue to evolve and offer new features for users with each software update. ClickShare Conference is agnostic, meaning that it is compatible with a wide range of AV USB-peripherals and unified communication (UC&C) technology used by your customers. This makes the ClickShare devices are compatible with the solutions and devices already installed. Current features already include innovative annotation and touchback support which work with touchscreen devices to enable the user to make notes on slides and even swipe through the presentation without having to touch a keyboard or mouse – who knows what may follow in the years ahead?

In addition, when your displays are not in use for conferencing or presenting, they can be used for digital signage. Boosting the ROI of your meeting space, they help inform, impress and inspire thanks to digital signage integrations with alliance partners.

In short, how can ClickShare change your customer's work life?

As a consultant you want to find the perfect technology match for your customer and give them the best possible advice to renovate or build an office location fit for the digital future. Make sure to check the benefits ClickShare wireless solutions can bring your customers. With ClickShare wireless collaboration solutions, you offer them technology that is:


1. Productive and value for money

You want your customers to thrive, be productive and help their business grow. With wireless collaboration solutions, you have the perfect technology at hand. Technology supports your customers’ employees to be efficient, not waste time in meetings and collaborate in a highly creative and productive way. You help maximize human engagement, attract new talent and invest in customers’ #1 competitive advantage: their workforce. With part of the employees in the office and some working from home, our wireless conferencing solutions are ideal to enable better, hybrid meetings.


2. Easy to manage

The IT manager of your customer has a long list of requirements for every new tool or technology brought into the company. And right so! Not only security questions arise, but also concerns about integration of solutions in company networks, compatibility with existing tools and platforms, day-to-day management and maintenance. 
With ClickShare we offer an IT-grade solution for every meeting room in an enterprise – small or large, reducing the need for training and offering end-users a unique, intuitive user experience. Our quarterly firmware updates keep units secure and up-to-date with the latest standards and features. In addition a set of productivity tools like the ClickShare configurator or the Button manager are at your customer’s disposal.
Management and maintenance is even more seamless with our XMS management platform. Monitoring and updating with our free software updates a fleet of units can be done smoothly and automatically with our XMS cloud-based solution. A set of analytics and dashboards offers insights in the use of collaborative tools and gives further possibilities to optimize the technology stack of the facility.


3. Secure

ClickShare is one of the only ISO 27001 certified wireless solutions on the market, having strict regulations on our processes and workflows during design & development of our solutions. Security, privacy and confidentiality of our customers’ data are a top priority for us.
Be one step ahead of cyber criminals and have control over the level of security for your customer’s enterprise, because ClickShare has several verification mechanisms and multiple layers of encryption in place. Working with the ClickShare Button or App, only allows original Barco software to run on your device and prevents malware from invading. Know more on our security?

4. Futureproof

And what in the years to come? Technology is changing at the speed of light. With ClickShare you are sure to have a solution that is futureproof and agnostic. Fully compatible for BYOD, working with any device - a laptop or desktop, mobile or tablet to share content or collaborate interactively.  You can start a remote meeting with the UC &C solution of your choice (indeed, no vendor lock-in), from your own laptop or desktop, connecting wirelessly to the AV USB-peripherals available in the meeting room.
We support the broadest compatibility with USB conference cameras and speakers in the market, including products from top players like the Bose VB-1, the Logitech MeetUp and Rally, the Poly Studio, the Jabra Panacast and Speak or the Nureva HDL300 and Dual HDL300. We have the broadest compatibilt with brands and solutions on the market. Check out the complete list. So, no need for additional investments or changing current setups.
Recognize the added value you can bring to your customer’s office location? ClickShare can guide both of you into the hybrid workplace of the future.

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