What peripherals can be used with ClickShare Conference in the meeting room?


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The list of supported and tested peripherals can be found in the Supported Peripherals whitepaper or in the table below.

If your peripheral is not listed there, there is still a chance that your device may work together with the ClickShare Conference. We advise you to test the device with the ClickShare Conference products and in case the device does not work, please let us know via a service ticket. More information on testing your ClickShare peripheral can be found [KB11052].

If the device cannot be used with ClickShare Conference or is listed in the "Devices known not to work or with limitations", support may be added in the future based on market evaluations and resource availability. 

Please be aware of the following limitations:

For the camera and the speakerphone, we support the generic USB devices, meaning most brands will work just fine. Note that the peripherals attached require the following characteristics to work with a ClickShare Conference setup:

  • USB peripherals only: cameras connected via the HDMI input and speakerphones connected via the jack are not supported. All devices require a USB connection to be used for Conferencing.
  • Cameras with USB 2.0 data rates are required. Since the CX-20, CX-30 and CX-50 operate with USB-2.0 ports, the camera needs to support USB 2.0 data rates. This is a mode that most cameras support.
  • Only peripherals with USB 2.0 power can be powered directly by the Base Unit. In case the peripheral requires to draw more power, either connect it to the USB-C connector (if this is indicated in the list to work) or use a powered USB hub in between.
  • Speakerphone devices with echo-cancellation built-in are required. Since the Base Unit will not process the sound to cancel echo, devices with built-in echo-cancellation are required to offer a good experience to the end-user of the system.
  • Separate mics and speakers not supported. ClickShare Conference only supports speakerphone devices, which contain both microphone and speakers in one peripheral. Separate microphones (e.g. in cameras) or USB speakers are not supported. Some devices (e.g. the Cisco Room Kit mini) do not expose a speakerphone, but a separate speaker and microphone on one USB endpoint. This works too, as long as the device can do echo-cancellation.
  • Only one camera and one speakerphone can be attached to the Base Unit at this moment. Behaviour, when multiple such devices are attached to the Base Unit, is not defined.
  • Make sure to keep your peripherals up to date. We strongly recommend keeping both peripherals and ClickShare Base Units up to date. Compatibility and support are only given to either specific versions (if marked in the notes as only working with a specific firmware version) or the latest firmware version for a peripheral.

List of supported peripherals (Cameras and speakerphones)

The following list is a non-exhaustive list of USB cameras and USB speakerphones that have been tested by the ClickShare development team. This list is divided into three categories:

  1. List of certified peripherals: these devices are validated (tested firmware is mentioned) through our partnership program by both Barco and the partner every time we release a firmware version. This is the list of devices that we actively support through our vendor partnerships and are the recommended devices to use in combination with the ClickShare Conference. 
  2. List of compatible peripherals: these devices have been tested by our compatible partners (tested firmware is mentioned if info is available) and have been found to work. Compatibility of the devices will be tested from time to time. 
  3. List of community tested peripherals: these devices have been reported to work by one of our customers or channel partners. No guarantee is given by Barco that these devices work perfectly or will continue to work in the future.

Please verify whether the peripheral is listed below. In case the peripheral is not mentioned by name, there is still a great chance that it works since we support the generic USB standards.


Peripherals Firmware version  Remarks Certified peripherals Compatible peripherals Community tested peripherals Devices known not to work
Aver CAM340 0.0.1000.22 Camera does not work on the CX-50 when attached on the front USB port when the HDMI input is active        
Aver CAM520 0.0.6002.92        
Aver VB342 0.0000.92       √     
Aver VC520 Pro 0.0.1004.10  Remote Control Unit of AVER VC520 Pro does not work with CX-30, for more information see [KB11581]    √     
AMX Acendo Vibe   No audio - under investigation      
Audio Technica ATDM-0604          
Biamp DEVIO CR-1           
Biamp DEVIO CR-25 2.2          
Bose ControlSpace EX440C 2.290           
Cisco Roomkit Mini   Connecting the Cisco Roomkit bar to a CX Base Unit disables the Roomkit bar from being used by the Cisco system. The peripheral can be used as a USB peripheral only.        
ClearOne Chat          
ClearOne Converge Pro 1 USB            
ClearOne Converge Pro 2            
ClearOne Converge Pro 2 USB Expander            
ClearOne Collaborate Versa Pro CT          
ClearOne Collaborate Versa Lite CT          
Crestron HDMI-USB converter model HD-CONV-USB-100          
Crestron HDMI-USB converter model HD-CONV-USB-200          
Crestron AVIA DSP 1283          
ClearOne Versa USB            
Crestron UC-SB1            
Crestron UC-SB1-AV            
Crestron UC-SB1-CAM            
Clear One UNITE150 PTZ Camera            
Clear One Versa Hub in combination with Converge Pro 2, CHAT50 or CHAT150            
Evoko Mimo            
Extron MediaPort 200   No audio      
Huddly GO 1.9.0 Only works on the USB-C port with A-to-C adapter or when attached to a powered USB hub        
Huddly IQ Only works on the USB-C port with A-to-C adapter or when attached to a powered USB hub        
Icron USB Extender - USB 2.0 ranger model 2304 GELAN   Tested with Shure P300 and Marshall CV610-U2        
Jabra Panacast 3.8.15 Only works on the USB-C port with A-to-C adapter or when attached to a powered USB hub. Rare Camera crash is currently under investigation      
Jabra Speak 510 2.31.0          
Jabra Speak 710   1.38.0           
Jabra Speak 810  1.9.0           
Konftel 800      √     
Konftel 55Wx 3.1.5        
Konftel CAM20 8.4.037  In case your Konftel CAM20 not detected in the ClickShare Conference system. Make sure to reboot your ClickShare Conference Base Unit and also ensure that the camera is connected to the Base Unit during reboot. For more info, see [KB11594]    √     
Konftel CAM50  3.1.52A           
Logitech MeetUp 1.5          
Logitech Rally  1.12           
Logitech Group  8.5.822           
Logitech C920 HD Pro 7.55.1085           
Logitech C922 HD Pro 7.55.1085          
Logitech C925 HD Pro 7.54.1033           
Logitech C930 HD Pro 7.55.1085         
Logitech BCC950 1.2.711          
Logitech Brio 1.0.379        
Logitech ConfCam Connect 10.0.17763.1        
Lumens VC-B2U          
Lumens VC-B10U 1.01  Camera does not work on the CX-50 when attached on the front USB port when the HDMI input is active        
Lumens VC-B30U 1.03        
Marshall USB PTZ camera CV610-U2          
Marshall USB PTZ camera CV610-U2            
MXL AC-406            
Nexvoo NexBar N110   Speaker not working      
Nureva HDL300 2.2.56  Changing the volume through the remote control does not work        
Owl Labs Meeting Owl          
Panasonic AW-UE4KG Camera            
Poly Eagle Eye Cube   Reported not to work by our community      
Poly Eagle Eye IV USB            
Poly Studio X30   When used as a USB peripheral only        
Polycom Poly Studio            
Polycom RealPresence Trio 8800 4.9.4 USB Audio Endpoint needs to be activated in the Trio 8800      
Polycom CX-5100   Camera not working      
QSC Core110f 8.3.3 USB Audio needs to be activated in the configuration and set to "soundcard mode", not "speakerphone mode"        
Sennheiser SP-10            
Sennheiser SP-30            
Sennheiser SP-30+ 2.1.52           
Sennheiser SP-220 2.1.52        
Sennheiser TeamConnect Wireless 2.00          
Shure Intellimix P300. Tested in combination with the Shure MXA310W 4.1.11 

Requires PoE+ to power the MXA-310 and P300. MXA-310 and P300 need to be configured using Dante Controller software

 Shure P300 is not properly recognized by CX Base Unit having firmware version 2.5.0. Upgrade your CX Base Unit with firmware version, refer [KB11396]

Stem Audio Table  1.3 Needs PoE+ (IEEE803.2at) with internet connection for power and boot sequence        
Vaddio HuddleSHOT 1.4.0  Requires PoE to power the HuddleShot        
Vaddio ConferenceSHOT AV/FX/USB/HDBT  1.2.0 Requires PoE to power the ConferenceShot. Only works when connected to the USB-C port and camera only in 720p mode. On rare occasions, tearing might occur on the camera – under investigation        
Vaddio AudioBridge   Can sometimes take a long time to be available for use      
Vaddio OneLink Bridge 3.1.0           
Vaddio TableMIC            
Vaddio RoboSHOT  3.3.0          
Yamaha CS-700          
Yamaha ESB-1080          
Yamaha FLXUC-500            
Yamaha FLXUC-1500            
Yamaha YVC-200 1.05     √       
Yamaha YVC-300 2.00     √       
Yamaha YVC-330          
Yamaha YVC-1000 3.10     √       
Yealink USB camera UVC80             




Last updated Oct 30 2020

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