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Three levels of partnering

As a Barco Connect! business partner, you commit to achieve challenging revenue goals, you engage in detailed business planning and demand generation, and you invest in sales and services through training.

However, each company is unique and has its own strengths, qualities and possibilities. Barco Connect! therefore distinguishes three different partner levels:

Each level depends on your level of revenue performance, business plan execution and your investment in sales and services training. 

Depending on your program level, you will enjoy attractive benefits such as:

  • market development funds (MDF) to develop your local marketing activities;
  • yearly back-end rebates depending on objectives documented at business plan level;
  • deal registration opportunities to gain additional discount on deal closure.

Barco recognizes that some partners have made a substantial investment in infrastructure and expertise to deliver their end-user high-quality support. Therefore Barco Connect! offers an accreditation program: Barco Connect! Service Partner Program. This authorizes you to purchase tailor-made partner service packages from Barco, adding your own value elements, and selling and executing your own branded services.
Barco’s Connect! Service Program offers a flexible service portfolio which complements and expands your existing capabilities in both geographical reach and functionality. This specialization will require certification of technicians executing services on Barco equipment.

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