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Global demand for visualization solutions is booming these days. No doubt this is the perfect moment for your company to shift into a higher gear and capitalize on this window of opportunity. Becoming a Barco Connect! partner will help you accomplish that, by providing access to expert knowledge and professional resources.

Barco Connect! will help you sell Barco solutions and services more effectively, and guarantees backup and assistance when you need it. More than that, we will also recognize and reward you for your excellence and achievements.

What's in it for you?

As a partner, you benefit from the significant advantages the Barco Connect! Partner Program offers you. By understanding your needs, we can develop a program that best fits your goals and allows for smooth and easy business improvements. Barco Connect! Partners enjoy, depending on their partnership level, the following benefits in addition to the advantage the Barco brand represents:

  • Make our competitive advantage yours and market superior technology;
  • Benefit from the experience of highly skilled employees including many of the world’s leading visualization experts;
  • Recognize your skills through a state-of-the-art sales and services training & certification program;
  • Get access to a brand new partner portal;
  • Use our marketing resources and funding;
  • Enjoy special discounts in accordance with qualitative and quantitative targets.

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