Active Infitec+

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About Active Infitec+

Barco Infitec+ technology uses high-quality color filtering to produce a separate image for the left and the right eye, achieving excellent stereo viewing with passive Infitec stereo glasses, on a standard screen. Until present this stereo technology required a projector for each of the two images. By incorporating its newly developed “active Infitec+ filtering” into a 3-chip Galaxy+ projector with double frame rate, it sequentially produces a picture for the left eye and a picture for the right eye, enabling viewers wearing passive Infitec glasses to benefit from full stereoscopic depth viewing, independent of head-tilt.
As the incorporated active Infitec+ filter can be switched off, the same projector can also be used for standard active stereo projection, which requires synchronized shutter glasses, and for mono projection.

- Dynacolor: color corrected Infitec+

The projector’s color rendering, which is modified by Infitec’s spectral filtering, is fully corrected using DynaColor. The result is superior, color-accurate 3D viewing without any ghosting and is independent of head-tilt, which gives the user full freedom of motion.

- One single Galaxy+ projector with active Infitec+ does it all 

As the built-in active Infitec+ capability can be switched off, this solution offers a high level of multi-functionality. In addition to projecting passive Infitec+ stereo, it can be used for applications where standard active stereo is preferred, or even to project high brightness images in mono mode.

-  Passive stereo
Infitec+ delivers breathtaking immersive passive stereo, also for larger audiences. Light, easy-to-wear glasses allow full freedom of motion as no emitter is used. Infitec glasses don ’t interfere when looking at LCD monitors and are the ideal solution for applications where interaction and collaboration is needed.

- Active stereo
Extra fast refresh rate of the Galaxy+ DLP projector (110 Hz) allows for high-resolution active stereo with minimal flicker.

- Mono projection
Thanks to the many application specific optimizations for multi-channel configurations, the Barco Galaxy+ with active Infitec+ technology is the ideal tool to create breathtaking panoramic sceneries.


- Screen-independent passive stereo with a single projector

As no polarized screen is required, active Infitec+ technology brings breathtaking immersive stereoscopic viewing to a wide range of application fields:
- Flat screens in auditoriums and design centers
- Curved screens in analysis and decision centers
- Spherical screens in planetariums and science centers

- Wide range of systems available

Active Infitec+ technology is available as an option on all Virtual Reality systems equipped with Barco’s Galaxy+ family of projectors. Barco display solutions, such as Trace and Deuce relocatable stand-alone systems, custom I-Space and Holospace immersive rooms, and MoVE reconfigurable virtual environments now combine active stereo with the ease of use of passive stereo without the need for a special polarized screen.

- Fit for multi-channel display system

To ensure the units operate seamlessly together in a multi-channel display system, a range of dedicated functionalities is incorporated in the Barco Galaxy+ projectors with built-in active Infitec+:
- Dynacolor eliminates channel-to-channel color variations
- CLO (Constant Light Output) ensures all projectors maintain the same brightness and contrast, independent of lamp life
- Proprietary Optical Soft Edge Matching allows you to achieve truly seamless blends, even in dark scenes, which also keep more detail through the unique Extended Contrast Ratio (ECR) capability.

Active Infitec+


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