BarcoGraphics 908

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About BarcoGraphics 908

Barco’s top-of-the-line digital CRT family has been expanded to include two new 8” offerings: the powerful BarcoReality 908 and the affordable BarcoGraphics 908. The BarcoGraphics 908 ( BG 908 ) is specially designed for demanding applications, such as simulation, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Edutainment, 3D and stereoscopic projection, industrial design as well as military command and control centers (C3I). Unique digital image adjustments provide outstanding performance in multi-channel setups on curved and flat screens. The advanced digital design features make the BarcoGraphics 908 the standard in high-resolution projection.
Unequalled flexibility
• Mosaic geometry correction: Flat, Curved, Off axis
• Digital Image correction optimized for curved screens and multi-channel setups
• A variety of lenses are available, optimized for a wide range of screen sizes from 1.4 m (4.6 ft.) to 6 m (20 ft.) wide, including curved screens
• Digital AutoAlign™ automatically aligns all geometry and convergence parameters
• Built-in Scheimpflug optical correction, with stepless adjustment, for optimal optical focus for off-axis projection
• 3D and Stereoscopic optimized phosphors available (upon request)

Very high resolution images
The BarcoGraphics 908 renders high-resolution, large screen images with unprecedented visual fidelity.
• Compatibility with workstations up to 2,000 by 1,750 pixels.
• Horizontal autolock scan frequency range up to 110 kHz
• 120 MHz RGB amplifier
• New, ultrahigh-definition, LC gun 8” electromagnetic focus CRTs with digitally controlled dynamic astigmatism guarantee razor sharp images
• Optional high-quality Line Multiplier (Limo Pro) for improved video image quality
• TSN™ 6-pole focus astigmatism correction


Proprietary Digital Waveform Generation Geometry & Convergence Correction
This unique feature offers digital control over all geometry, convergence, focus and astigmatism adjustments.
The (patented) morph-interpolation algorithm enhances the digital waveform by suppressing all artifacts and generating smooth transitions. Convergence is adjustable in up to 81 independent zones.

Triangular Spot Nullifying™ (TSN™)
Digitally controlled 6-poles offer advanced digital beam correction. Barco’s TSN™ beam spot uniformity enhancement guarantees superb focus quality across the entire projected image.

Digital Dynamic Astigmatism (DDA)
Digital enhancement of the overall focus quality of the projected image.

New High-Resolution CRT’s
The BarcoGraphics 908 is equipped with new, ultra-high definition, liquid-cooled 8" CRTs with an advanced electromagnetic focus system and digitally controlled dynamic astigmatism, which guarantees razor sharp projected images, even at maximum contrast levels.

New High-Resolution Lenses
Super-high definition, fully color corrected, liquid coupled F1.1 lenses provide outstanding image contrast. Several types of lenses are available, optimized for a wide range of screen sizes flat and curved.

Flexible Installation Possibilities
Barco offers a series of special options for other applications (multi-screen applications, non-standard projection angles, etc....).
• Mosaic geometry correction:
Flat, Curved, Off-axis
• Field extension compatibility
• Optional convergence on green
• SEMU II Soft Edge Modulation Unit with multi-facet capabilities
• Digital Contrast ModulationAnd many other application specific optimizations. Please contact us for more details.

Optical Scheimpflug Correction
The BarcoGraphics 908 features a precision Scheimpflug optical correction system with stepless adjustments for both horizontal and vertical axes. This built-in optical correction guarantees optimal optical focus from left to right and top to bottom for projection under non-standard angles.

Barco’s built-in Scheimpflug optical correction offers ultimate flexibility for projection under non-standard angles. Stepless adjustments are easily made by two convenient screws, accessible from the top.

Secure Design
The BarcoGraphics 908 has been designed for extremely low RFI/EMI emissions for demanding military and industrial applications where unwanted interference could compromise critical communications lines.

Auto-detection and history log of all essential functions. These functions are accessible through the on-screen menu or over a network.

Optional AutoAlign™
Digital Auto-convergence and Auto-Geometry
Advanced Digital Alignment System effortlessly aligns the geometry and convergence of the projected image with exceptional accuracy. This makes CRT technology transparent for the every-day user and reduces cost of ownership of CRT-based systems.

Advanced ABL Control
The BarcoGraphics 908 makes use of an advanced ABL (Automatic Black Level) circuit to automatically ensure optimum contrast. The measurement cycle is fully user-controlled through RS-232 and a programmable timer.

BarcoGraphics 908

BarcoGraphics 908
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