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About DMS-150

The DMS is a compact, versatile platform performing key archival and stream distribution tasks. It is first a multi-stream synchronous network recorder and playback appliance capable of archiving dozens of simultaneous high resolution video and graphics streams along with audio and metadata. Its second vital role is that of a stream distribution and relay node on the network. In this function the DMS converts any unicast stream to a multicast stream (and vice-versa) and adjusts the bandwidth of outgoing streams to accommodate the network constraints of collaboration endpoints.

Key features

  • Synchronous recording/playback: Multiple simultaneous high resolution streams
  • Advanced media routing: Bridge and route streams across various network topologies
  • Trans-profile: Optimize media streams to suit network bandwidth constraint
  • Multi-Protocol compatibility: Record and playback any V2D, RTP, MPEG-TS and UDP streams for 3rd party integration
  • Real-time NAS support: Unlimited storage scalability
  • DVR capability: Easy-to-use live and recorded playback control; skip back/forward, pause, resume, catch up
  • Customized video narratives: View live or recorded streams insimultaneous sessions with independent time-shift control


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