F32 series

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About F32 series

The F32 series of high-class single-chip DLP® projectors is specifically designed for graphically challenging applications where image quality and reliability are key requirements. Available with up to 8,000 lumens brightness, WUXGA, 1080p or SXGA+ resolution and different color wheels, it is perfectly suited for 24/7 operation in a wide range of applications for small- to mid-sized venues.

Reliable and high-quality DLP images

Geared with single-chip DLP technology, the F32 generates stable, high-contrast images with deeply saturated colors. Every projector model can be calibrated to exacting color standards, coupled with a desired brightness and contrast. What's more, the DLP chip will not degrade under UV light and guarantees a constant performance. Thanks to Texas Instruments’ BrilliantColor™ technology, color performance and picture quality are greatly improved. Offering six-color processing, BrilliantColor provides a wide color gamut, boosts secondary colors and delivers reliable and precise colors.

The right color wheel for your configuration

Each F32 can be configured with a range of color wheel options, either High Brightness, Graphics, or VizSim, each with specific characteristics. As the VizSim color wheel focuses on color quality, it lowers color cross-talk and contamination, and reduces artifact. The Graphics version offers a lower saturation, but higher brightness for general AV use, and the High Brightness option provides high-brightness with stunning colors. 

RealColor color management

RealColor is a unique color management calibration suite that enables edge blending for an unlimited number of projectors and ensures uniform images for multi-channel installations. It provides a unique and quick way to calibrate and set up perfect images and allows you to adjust them, simply by changing the characteristics such as color temperature. RealColor works by mathematically calculating each color independently.

Intelligent active cooling

The F32 features intelligent active cooling of the entire system for reduced noise and extended reliability and lifetime, offering closer control of all key elements of the projector. Using the thermo-electric cooling principle, power is applied to actively cool key elements throughout the projector.

VIDI™ lamp technology

Philips' VIDI™ technology enables dynamic lamp driving over time, and enhances image quality through reducing grey scale artifacts, adding to color saturation, enhancing contrast, and improving lamp stability. Unlike non-VIDI based projectors, the lamp power is digitally controlled, as is its performance over time.







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