FSN Multiviewer Card (MVR)

16-channel, dual-output multiviewer card

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FSN series, FSN-1400

About FSN Multiviewer Card (MVR)

The Multiviewer card provides a fully integrated monitoring solution, eliminating the need for multiple monitors and signal distribution, simplifying your system's operation and reducing the overall operating cost. The Multiviewer enables you to monitor up to 16 video signals, comprised of any input source, any program, preview or clean feed output, and any Aux bus output.

In addition to video sources, the Multiviewer can also display a real-time-clock (RTC) or timecode from the MVR card's LTC input connector.

The Multiviewer operates in either single or dual monitor modes. In single mode, up to 16 PIPs can be displayed on a single monitor. In dual mode, the 16 PIPs are distributed between two DVI-D and HD-SDI monitor outputs. Over 20 different layouts are available, designed to fit any monitoring requirement.

Once a layout is selected, you can customize the text, background, border and UMD color. Any PIP can be turned off, and the overall layout's background color, border color, and UMD (Under Monitor Display) color are all variable. The Multiviewer provides standard red/green tally within the UMD, and PIP borders automatically turn red to indicate loss-of-signal (LOS) or cyan when the corresponding input source is frozen. Just like all FSN cards, the Multiviewer card is hot-swappable, allowing for quick and easy extraction and insertion, without disturbing the system operation.

FSN Multiviewer Card (MVR)

FSN Multiviewer Card (MVR)
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