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About LCD55ox

Available as single- or double-sided display for both floor- and wall-mounted setups, the LCD55ox is designed for the retail and advertising market. It is perfectly suited for installation in airports, railway stations, shopping malls and other points of sale (such as gas stations), as well as for outdoor advertising.

Interactive audience engagement options

What’s more, it comes with a fleet of options that allow for audience interaction: touch technology, cameras for audience measurement and gesture control, NFC, WiFi and Bluetooth. Thanks to these features and through the display’s compatibility with social media and mobile devices, you can maximize your audience reach with unlimited flexibility and creativity.

Fully customizable

Next to being fully configurable on a system level, its look and feel is also customizable. Featuring a smart concept of changeable skins – based on a standard core – the kiosks can easily be tailored to reflect your customer’s brand image. By communicating messages in an attractive, interactive and reliable way, the Barco LCD kiosks lengthen people’s dwell time and allow you to maximize the impact of your out-of-home campaigns.

Maximum display uptime

The rugged and reliable LCD55ox features integrated heat management, content and display management and optional I-Guard technology - a revolutionary monitoring tool that continually analyzes images to detect and correct instabilities for maximum display uptime. 

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