MatrixPRO 8 X 8 DVI

This product is no longer available.

About MatrixPRO 8 X 8 DVI

The MatrixPRO 8x8 DVI router switches any of the eight DVI inputs to any or all of the outputs. Each channel can be programmed with unique EDID information  based on the system requirements. This information is also available to external sources, even when the unit is turned off. Each input is re-clocked as it passes through the router maintaining the DVI signal strength, and each output channel can also display an internally generated test pattern. The MatrixPRO 8x8 DVI router accepts inputs up to 2,048 x 1,080 (including all HD)  resolutions.

Easy control

The unit is controlled from the built-in front panel, the MatrixPRO remote panels, the MatrixPRO software and the Encore and ScreenPRO-II controllers.  The front panel includes an easy to read VFD display and a knob for simple navigation of the menus. The menu structure is similar to the rest of MatrixPRO router family. Communication with the remote panels or the software is established by either Ethernet or RS-232 protocols. The MatrixPRO 8x8 DVI is also automatically recognized by the Encore and ScreenPRO II controllers. This allows for full integration with Barco's image processing tools.


  • Programmable EDID per channel
  • Built-in test pattern generator
  • All inputs re-clocked to maintain signal strength
  • Green light positive signal indicator per input channel

MatrixPRO 8 X 8 DVI

MatrixPRO 8 X 8 DVI
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