OBPX-55 2x1 Extension kit

This product is no longer available.

About OBPX-55 2x1 Extension kit

This extension kit adds two narrow-bezel LCD panels in portrait mode to an  OBPX-55 centered video wall. The extension resembles the OBPX-55 in looks, but has no centralized on/off switch. This means a video wall consists of one OBPX-55, and a number of extension kits.

Unlimited horizontal expansion

The number of extension kits that can be added to an OBLX-55 centered LCD video wall is in theory unlimited. This means that such a video wall can have any width you want, consisting of an even number of LCD panels (because every extension kit adds two displays). Being a free-standing structure, OBPX needs no wall support to install. This makes this system ideal for use in meeting rooms, lobbies, exhibitions, and for advertising purposes.

The extension kit contains the structure and the design trims that protect the sensitive edges of the narrow-bezel LCD panels. Please order the corresponding 55" LCD displays separately.

OBPX-55 2x1 Extension kit

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