ScreenPRO-II Expanded Output Card

Additional video output format / still store capability expansion card

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ScreenPRO-II series

About ScreenPRO-II Expanded Output Card

The card operates in two different modes. In the primary output mode the card provides interlaced or serial digital formats at the same resolution, and with no delay, as the main Program and Preview Outputs. In the auxiliary output mode, the card supplies interlaced or serial digital formats, but at different resolutions from Program and Preview outputs. In the auxiliary mode there is a frame delay from the Program and preview outputs. In both modes, outputs from the card can be used for recording or to display on a monitor.

In addition to the enhanced output format capabilities, the EOC supports the capture, storage and recall up to 100 full frame still images for use as background sources.


Output Formats: HDSDI
Output Resolutions: NTSC/480i
PAL/ 525i
HD 480p
HD 720p
HD 1080i
HD 1080p
All SPMTE 292 Formats
Connectors: Single BNC for SDI/ HDSDI Formats
Three BNC for Analog YUV Formats

ScreenPRO-II Expanded Output Card

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