TransForm ECU-100

This product is no longer available.

About TransForm ECU-100

The TransForm ECU-100 is a powerful Windows 7 64-bit version controller capable of driving large video walls of many different display types. This powerful controller can generate a common operational picture spanning up to 80 modules with Barco's OL-series cubes, or even  up to 160 modules with the OVL-series cubes. The TransForm ECU-100 fulfills all demanding 24/7 control room visualization needs, and is easy to install and use. It comes preconfigured out of the box to assure a simplified and hassle-free setup. The auto-detection on the analog video and DVI/RGB inputs allow a complete installation in less than an hour.

Create, save and recall on the spot

The TransForm ECU-100 by default includes the Barco Display Control Software which can be launched from multiple operator desktops, allowing operators to create, save, or recall layouts on the spot. All sources can be opened and manipulated on the wall as fully scalable windows, without considering individual screen borders.

CMS compatible

Optionally the TransForm ECU-100 can be delivered with the advanced Barco Control Room Management Suite (CMS) software which enables collaboration between operators, managers and other authorized personnel in the Control Center using the intuitive and easy to use Side bar utility.

TransForm ECU-100 in a nutshell:

  • Video wall controller for all typical needs
  • Very large desktops for large common operational picture
  • Avoid misrepresented schematics and symbols through the excellent image quality
  • Freely moveable and resizable video windows
  • Easy to use layout management
           • Standard Barco Display Control software
           • Optional enhancement: Barco Control Room Management Suite (CMS)
                 - Software for sharing PC-content on the network
                 - Includes one display, two sidebar and 20 viewer licenses
  • High performance and high reliability, suited for 24/7 applications
  • Easy installation
  • Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit version operating system
  • Can be operated through any pc in the LAN

TransForm ECU-100

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