TransForm XDS-1100

This product is no longer available.

All good things come to an end. This product is no longer available but our R&D teams have created newer ones with better specs. Click through for details.

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4K screen management systems with 3D stereo support

About TransForm XDS-1100

The TransForm XDS-1100 multi-channel video processor solution is designed specifically to enable collaboration on large multi-channel displays, making full use of the increased resolution and availability of 3D stereo content.

The TransForm XDS-1100 series enables you to display up to twelve hardwired mono and 3D stereo sources simultaneously on any type of multi-channel display canvas. The TrasForm XDS-1100 allows displaying a PC cluster with any of the sources connected to the unit in an easy way. The integrated user-friendly desktop, Barco's XDS Control Center software running on a supported Windows Operating System, allows you to enjoy mouse and keyboard control of the sources you need in a familiar Windows desktop environment. With the optional XDS User Client software, additional computers can be displayed through the network.

Available for any display system

Barco's XDS display management system works with regular or active 3D stereo projectors, modular rear-projected cube walls, or near-seamless flat panel walls, so that you can enjoy the collaborative advantages of XDS Control Center software in any type of room. With up to 18 inputs and the possibility to drive up to 32 output channels, depending on the configuration, the TransForm XDS-1100 is an indispensable tool in demanding work environments such as automotive and product design, geophysical data analysis or architectural simulation.

Wide connectivity, easy collaboration

By seeing several sources at the same time, you can quickly discover correlations between data, or process various types of information faster. But Barco's XDS concept allows more. It enables you to connect to and control remote computers on the display, features easy-to-use videoconferencing control, and allows other users to create and store predefined screen layouts. The TransForm XDS-1100 is designed to make collaborative team work with 3D stereo easier, faster and more efficient.


At home in all environments
• Automotive industry: compare designs, 3D stereo presentation and prototyping
• Oil and gas exploration and production: cross-analysis of geophysical data
• Higher education: multi-purpose immersion in virtual reality settings
• Product design: razor-sharp comparison of various 3D stereo designs
• Urban planning: full immersion into virtual landscapes and buildings

TransForm XDS-1100

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