A cave display is a multi-sided immersive environment that offers great levels of immersion. Contrary to Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs), caves foster collaboration. Because multiple people have access to the same 3D image in the same space (so not in a personal virtual environment), it's a lot easier to communicate and collaborate.

Research institutes, product design facilities, suppliers to the construction market, etc. around the world rely on Barco’s visualization technology for the creation of full immersive environments that surround designers, experts and students completely with virtual imagery. Barco can even provide rear-projected floor projections, for even more compelling VR experiences. Our know-how of all components, including projectors, screens and controllers, makes Barco and its partners the safest choice to build the multi-walled environment that best fits your needs.

Barco offers a wide range of caves, including S4 caves, transportable caves (that can be rapidly deployed wherever necessary) and reconfigurable environments (that can be either used as a Powerwall or a cave). Caves are also fully customizable, so we can also deliver a solution that is fully tailored to our customers' requirements, including the size, number of sides, ... 

Caves can have rigid or flexible screens (including Barco RigiFlex solution), high or lower resolutions. Active 3D ensures an amazing viewing experience. Using dual eye point technology, all users can benefit from the perfect image.

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