Critical Decision-Making

Critical Decision-Making

Barco's critical decision-making (CDM) offering is based on a modular, network-centric, media distribution platform. It consists of both software and hardware components, and is covered by long term enterprise service options. This CDM offering allows for the secured distribution of critical information like video, images and data across the entire enterprise — and beyond — over standard IP networks. This ensures the high availability of all necessary information at the right location, while always upholding the necessary security requirements. In this way, all stakeholders (including control room operators, field workers and higher management) have the essential Shared Situational Awareness that enables better critical decision-making. 

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View better, share faster, resolve quicker

Our critical decision-making portfolio is an answer to your need of critical infrastructure management to enhance collaborative decision-making. While the control room serves as a central information hub, all stakeholders can tap into the information from their current location. This can be a breakout room, but also field workers can consult the information using any mobile device that includes a standard HTML5-supporting browser — including laptop computers, tablets, and even smartphones. In this way, individual operators and teams are equally empowered to manage large complex real-time operations. The modular approach of the offering enables easy scalability: when the organization and responsibilities grow, the system can swiftly adapt to the new requirements, making these investments future-proof

Even a correct decision is wrong when it was taken too late

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Wherever you are

Barco’s offering provides a versatile visualization and collaboration platform for mission critical and real time operations with complex systems involving many decision-makers that could be geographically dispersed. Technology can help us get the most out of information, but the decision-making is still in the hands of humans. That is why Barco's solution offering is tailored to the various modes of operation: the control rooms and individual operators, the field workers and the decision-makers in the breakout rooms.

Whoever you work with

Barco's software products integrate with your existing operational software. Through Barco’s Strategic Alliance Program, we ally with other ecosystem players in their fields of expertise to enable the best pre-validated experience possible. By combining complementary strengths, our partners can optimize the integration of the systems and offer one single solution to the end user. This simplifies deployment, optimizes efficiency, minimizes reaction time, and reduces costs in a variety of selected professional markets. The result is a win/win situation for all parties involved, our end users in the first place.

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Complete workspace tailored to the operator

operator workspace

Field workers

Total situational awareness in the field

Mobile field worker

Control rooms

Solutions to monitor, assess and resolve any situation

Control rooms solutions

Breakout rooms

Optimal collaboration for better decision-making


Key advantages of Barco's critical decision-making offering:

  • According to customer survey: 6x faster decision-making, 30% productivity improvement
  • Proven, highly reliable solution with failover protection
  • Integrated security
  • Open interfacing and industry compliance
  • Future-proof: flexible, scalable and expansion-ready
  • High-level mission-oriented integration with industry-leading software solutions
  • Proven migration path and easy technology insertion for future expansion
  • Mission-oriented one-stop-shop, for hardware and software
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