Spare parts HDQ-4K35

Article number: R9004580

This product is no longer available, please take a look at this alternative.



Spare part lifecycle

Controller units

Communicator Touch Panel for HDQ-4K35 (R9855911)

Fixed lenses

Lighting Controllers

HEAD MMS-100 W/SERVER (Moving mirror system with media server) (56010005) End of life
HEAD MMS-200 (Moving mirror system) (56010006) End of life


Spare part kit

Axial fans set (For DP2K and DP4K series and HDQ) (R9863060) End of service
HDD set 3 x 1TB (For ICMP and ICMP-X) (R9801143)
HDD set 3 x 2TB (For ICMP and ICMP-X) (R9801142)
Lamp Xenon PHILIPS 6500W XDC-6500BL (Large lamp size) (R9801510) End of life

Zoom lenses

Zoom lens 2K:1.25-1.90/4K:1.13-1.72 (1.38") (R9856504)
Zoom lens 2K:1.49-2.05/4K:1.35-1.86 (1.38") (Motorized) (R9856294)
Zoom lens 2K:1.61-2.31/4K:1.46-2.10 (1.38") (Motorized) (R9856297)
Zoom lens 2K:1.82-2.86/4K:1.65-2.60 (1.38") (Motorized) (R9856300)
Zoom lens 2K:2.21-3.70/4K:2.00-3.35 (1.38") (R9856303)