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My CSM-1 or CSC-1 Buttons (R9861006D01) do not pair with my CS-100(H) CSE-200(+) and CSE-800

Article number: [4232] - Legacy code: [KB3684]

This article applies to the following products:

In case you want to pair Buttons that came with a CSM-1 or CSC-1 set (R9861006D01) please verify that:

  • The Button has been paired with a CSM-1 or CSC-1 Base Unit before, with at least firmware version 1.4.2 installed for CSM-1 and firmware version 1.9.2 installed for CSC-1.
  • Your CS and CSE Base Units has at least firmware version 1.3 installed, supporting Buttons without a certificate.
  • Within the Compatibility page of the WebUI, the option to support Buttons without a certificate ( R9861006D01) is checked.

With the release of firmware version 1.8, the first-generation Button (R9861006D01) will no longer work with the existing CS or CSE Base Unit models. See [KB9646].


Last updated Jun 14 2022

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