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Jan 24, 2023

5 reasons why ClickShare CX-50 2nd generation is the perfect fit for your high-impact meeting room


Over the past 2 years, the simplicity and intuitiveness of ClickShare Conference have been making the hybrid meeting experience better. In more than 1 million meeting rooms around the globe, we have helped workers become more productive and engaged in their video meetings.

We're proud to introduce the brand-new CX-50 2nd generation. The updated model removes the technical stress and IT burden from the hybrid meeting room even more. Read on to find out why and how you can benefit from installing a CX-50 2nd generation.

Discover 5 reasons not to miss out on the CX-50 2nd generation

Remote participants are always visibly present on screen, so in-room participants will include remote colleagues more into the conversation. In turn, remote users can be assured that their presence on screen gives them equal contribution possibilities in the physical room.

In a hybrid environment, technology is crucial in giving all meeting participants an equal voice and making collaboration truly successful. ClickShare Conference helps increase engagement and connection between participants in hybrid meetings.

Stijn Henderickx

EVP Meeting & Learning Experience

The combination of easy management via the XMS Cloud platform, SmartCare coverage, no requirements for additional training and the agnostic nature of the product, makes the CX-50 2nd generation the smartest investment in the workplace of the future.

5. Caring for both people and planet

The CX-50 2nd generation has the Barco A++ ecolabel. The unique ecodesign of the product is reflected in both ecological design choices and better material use, with housing fabricated from recycled, non-paint plastics and lower energy consumption.

In addition, Barco ClickShare aspires to introduce the CX-50 2nd generation as one of the first carbon-neutral wireless conferencing solutions on the market, which is a natural extension of Barco’s corporate values and leading, ambitious sustainability strategy.

“By investing in people and planet ClickShareshows its' commitment to bringing customers the most sustainable, compliant, and flexible solution in the workplace. With one of the first carbon-neutral solutions in the industry, ClickShare is proving its position as an innovator in the collaboration and conferencing market,” Stijn Henderickx concludes.