ClickShare CS-100 base unit firmware v1.6.0.3


345.27 MB

29 jun '18

ClickShare CS-100

Release notes

=== What's new in this release ===

  • Support for the Button Manager

    ClickShare now makes it easier for IT or facility managers or venue hosts to pair a number of ClickShare Buttons to a Base Unit in a particular meeting room without actually requiring physical access to the room or Base Unit. More information about the Button Manager can be found here:

  • Other

    The ClickShare client is now signed with a new certificate.

    'Capture More' mode is now used by default for screen scraping. This will only impact Windows 7 users.

=== Things we fixed ===

  • Issue with EAP when using special characters in the password
  • Issue where a 'ClickShare server Error' was given on the CSE-200
  • Sending dummy string to port 7100 results in Base Unit crash (CVE-2018-10943)

Version history

Version details Security Size Release date
v1.6.0.3 (selected) public 345.27 MB 29 jun '18 Direct download
v1.5.2.3 public 346.24 MB 27 mar '18 Direct download
v1.5.1.2 public 347.51 MB 27 dec '17 Direct download
v1.5.0.12 public 347.63 MB 14 dec '17 Direct download
v1.4.2.12 public 351.26 MB 13 sep '17 Direct download
v1.4.0.105 public 349.49 MB 23 jun '17 Direct download
v1.3.4.8 public 348.53 MB 04 apr '17 Direct download
v1.3.1.3 public 314.33 MB 26 sep '16 Direct download
v1.3.0.29 public 310.65 MB 29 jul '16 Direct download
v1.2.2.3 public 334.21 MB 19 may '16 Direct download
v1.2.1.1 public 343.59 MB 02 may '16 Direct download
v1.2.0.1 public 337.48 MB 08 apr '16 Direct download
v1.1.0.8 public 355.8 MB 18 feb '16 Direct download

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