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Collaborate and conference efficiently in a hybrid workplace

In need of more engaged, interactive meetings at your workplace? Unlock the power of wireless collaboration, wireless presentation and wireless conferencing with technology. Barco’s top-notch wireless meeting room solutions and visualization solutions bring secure, interactive and flexible experiences in all your meeting spaces.

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In business today, intuitive and quick collaboration is key. Barco's meeting room and wireless conference solutions connect you to customers, suppliers and colleagues anywhere in the workplace. They help you grow the potential of  employees and reach common goals. They encourage you to make decisions in an interactive, collaborative setting.

Book a room, start a conference call, in seconds people work and start collaborating. Users  access the display screen, share their screen or start a video conference simply and effortlessly.

Our solutions help optimize screen sharing and video conferencing solutions. In any type of space: conferencing, meeting or huddle room. And even outside of the  room we improve your hybrid meeting experience for  employees working from home. This type of hybrid collaboration brings team members closer together and makes sharing knowledge swift.

Tailored to the standards of your IT department: connected, easy to set up, monitor, manage and maintain. We guarantee you the finest image quality and highest reliability. For all our visual collaboration tools, meeting room solutions and management solutions. Now and in future we help you achieve your goals in any type of meeting room.

ClickShare. Wireless Presentation

ClickShare meeting room wireless presentation solutions are designed with security in mind. The wireless collaboration systems are the perfect fit for team work in any type of meeting room. No matter if it's a small to large meeting or boardroom, with or without enterprise grade touch screen.

Both guests and employees have the freedom to share any way they want. Content sharing can be done with the Button, the ClickShare Collaboration App and even via screen mirroring.

Collaborating becomes seamless, instant and with only one-click. Our futureproof technology with features like moderation  or annotation brings an unrivalled, interactive & effective experiences to your biggest assets: your employees. 

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ClickShare Conference

Barco ClickShare Conference is the meeting solution for seamless, wireless conferencing in all your meeting rooms, conference rooms, huddle spaces or boardrooms.  With our wireless conference room presentation solution you bring your own meeting and make optimal use of the room AV.

You can instantly and wirelessly  share the apps from your laptop to the room display  or video wall. You connect wirelessly to the USB camera, mic and speakers in the room for better hybrid meetings. You can work with your online conference system, your conference room display solution and your brand of AV peripherals.

Enjoy an immersive meeting experience and get higher engagement from both in-room and remote participants, no matter the conferencing platform you use. Collaborate easily with the Conferencing Button or Desktop App. Invest in a wireless conference room presentation system that enhances remote and flexible ways of working.  

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