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ClickShare CX-20/CX-30 base unit firmware v2.4.0.3

Version v2.4.0.3
Filesize 319.37 MB
Release date 27 mar '20

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Release notes

===Firmware for ClickShare Conference=== ===The main features this release includes are:===

  • ClickShare Conference first time setup: activate, update and register for SmartCare via XMS Cloud.
  • Wireless Presentation capabilities, enabling content sharing from a device to the meeting room display via the ClickShare Conference Button and ClickShare Desktop App. The ClickShare Desktop App can be downloaded from
  • Room Dock Wireless Conferencing capabilities via the ClickShare Conference Button with any laptop, any conferencing platform and supported USB peripherals. The list of supported peripherals can be found under documentation in the support section on the website.
  • View Room Display for in-room collaboration and to share any shared content remotely.
  • New ClickShare Conference wallpaper with status bar, e.g. to indicate the use of Room Display and Touchback.
  • BYOD (preview): AirPlay.
  • Windows certified driver support for the ClickShare Conference Button on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Note that driver version 1.16 is required to auto-run the ClickShare executable on the Conferencing Button.

===Not all issues could be resolved yet, these are the key ones that are remaining in this release:===

  • ClickShare Mobile apps, Button Manager and XMS Edge currently do not work with the new CX Base Units
  • The extension pack (launcher) for mac will not work with the ClickShare Conference Button. The extension pack will be updated soon to support Mac.
  • Adding device into XMS cloud can give a "unable to add device" error. Make sure the Base Unit is updated to FW 2.4 and reset to factory defaults to try again
  • Onboarding wizard can stay a few minutes on the 'checking for updates' and 'registration' page (in specific network configurations). Occasionally (e.g. time-out), an error page can pop-up to highlight the networking difficulties, however the onboarding wizard will continue automatically once the confirmation is passed-through.
  • BYOD Airplay unstable when streaming Youtube movies.
  • HDMI input contains a few missing pixel lines.

  • We highly recommend to always use a free 5GHz Wi-Fi channel to optimize the performance of Wireless Conferencing. These settings can be changed via the ClickShare Configurator.

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