Jul 7, 2021

Disclosure in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 2 May 2007: Transparency law


Kortrijk, Belgium, 7 July 2021, 18.00 hrs - Barco NV discloses the information required under article 15 of the Law of 2 May 2007 regarding the disclosure of important shareholdings in listed companies.

Information as on 30 June 2021

  • Total outstanding capital: 56,296,846.89 euro (55,879,787.78 euro as on 31.12.2020)
  • Total number of outstanding ordinary shares: 92,170,255 (91,487,438 as on 31.12.2020)
  • Total number of outstanding stock options: 2,416,304 (2,727,834 as on 31.12.2020)

Reason for the changes
Capital increase on 9 June 2021 following the contribution of dividend rights in exchange for new shares,  and exercise of stock options under stock option plans approved on 21 October 2011, 23 October 2012, 16 September 2013, 20 October 2014, 19 October 2015, 17 October 2016 and on 20 November 2017.

A number of stock options can no longer be exercised either because they have expired or because the beneficiaries are no longer employed by the company.

As of 9 June 2021, Barco's capital will be represented by 92,170,255 ordinary shares. Each of these shares grants one vote at the general meeting. The aforementioned total number of shares will then represent the denominator for notification purposes under the transparency regulations.

This information will be posted on www.barco.com/about/investors


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Inge Govaerts - Corporate Communications Officer

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