How to update your ClickShare software

Let's get you started! Why update?

There are many reasons why you should keep the software of your ClickShare unit up-to-date. It keeps your unit powerful, performant, secure. And most importantly, you can keep enjoying the best-in class experience with the new features and functionalities.

Why update?


There are 2 ways to update your software

Connect your Base Unit to the network for automatic updates

ClickShare automatic update drawing

Auto-update is on by default.
So that’s all you need to do to activate automatic, worry-free updates.

Scroll down if you are looking to manually update your firmware.

Or manually update your firmware

Download the firmware for your Base Unit and follow the instructions below

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Installation instructions

1. Connect to the Base Unit's web configurator

Download and install the ClickShare app from

ClickShare wired connection wallpaper

Connect to your meeting room

ClickShare wireless connection wallpaper
In case the Base Unit is not on the network, the following message will be shown.


The Wi-Fi password of the Base Unit will be asked. Default is “clickshare”

ClickShare wireless connection wallpaper

Once connected, press the “quick” button top right, and select “about” in the menu:

ClickShare wireless connection wallpaper

In the new window, click on the Base Unit “IP address”, which will open your default browser with the web configurator.

2. Log in to the ClickShare configurator.

ClickShare login screen

If this is the first time you log in to your ClickShare Base Unit, you can log in with:

  • default username: admin
  • default password: admin

Follow & complete the configurator instructions.

ClickShare configurator screen

3. Upload the firmware file

ClickShare update firmware screen

At the firmware update screen you can upload your firmware file and wait for the installation to be completed.

All done!

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