Successful hybrid meetings keep the connection going between in-house and remote workers. Unfortunately,      1 in 3 remote workers feels disengaged in hybrid calls. It’s harder for them to be heard and seen. How to boost equity in hybrid meetings?


Discover the surprising facts behind meeting equity

Meeting equity: communicate & collaborate equally, wherever you are

Meeting equity means that everyone in the hybrid workplace has equal opportunity to communicate, contribute and share ideas, wherever they are located. But how do you establish this? What are the challenges for making hybrid meeting work? How can you make sure all meeting participants feel part of the conversation? 

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What is meeting equity?

Watch our meeting equity podcast series

Listen to our podcast series to discover the latest insights and stories on meeting equity. We will release new episodes weekly from April 2022 onwards. 

The podcast is hosted by AV and UCC specialist Gary Kayye, founder of THE rAVe Agency. Gary has worked in the industry as a consultant, writer and speaker for more than 25 years. He was the 2003 InfoComm Educator of the Year and 2007 NSCA Instructor of the Year. Be prepared to be enlightened and inspired by a true industry authority. 

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June 03 2022
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May 19 2022

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May 19 2022

Cast 7 - How to blend virtual and face-to-face with smart flows by Michael Vanderheeren
May 18 2022
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May 10 2022
Cast 5: How meeting room designs influences equity by Matt Chadder
May 3 2022
Cast 4: Equitable meeting room & ecosystem design by Scott Walker 
April 27 2022
Cast 3: Equity has impact on workplace design by John Lam
April 19 2022
Cast 2 - Recent academic insights on meeting equity by Joe Allan
April 5 2022
Cast 1 - What is Meeting equity?
March 22 2022

What is meeting equity?

Meeting equity or meeting equality is a way to make sure that every hybrid meeting participant can equally be heard and seen. Meeting equity ensures that remote employees receive the same level of engagement, collaboration and access to a meeting room experience as those who are physically seated around the table. 

Meeting equity depends on: 

  • Your physical presence in the meeting room
  • Access to meeting technology  
  • How well meeting participants are heard and seen
  • The availability of features, such as polling, chat, note taking, blackboarding, annotation

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Why is meeting equity important? 

Over the past two years, workers have become accustomed to hybrid technology and flexibility. People’s mindsets about what the workplace should look like has changed. Today, we expect easy to use, high-quality voice and video experiences that allow us to see and hear each other clearly, and that enable us to be more productive and included wherever we are located.

It will be the task of business leaders to enable such experiences, and to build an environment where employees can feel included and empowered to do their best work on their own terms, whether it’s in the office or at a remote location. A company that promotes meeting equity is a company with happier employees. An open company culture that promotes inclusion is also an important way to attract and retain talent.

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How to create meeting equity 

How do you establish collaboration equity and facilitate more engaging hybrid meetings? What are the best practices for in-house and remote participants, and what are the technology and meeting room requirements for a successful hybrid meeting? 


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How to build inclusive hybrid meeting rooms?

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