Can you use ClickShare to wake up a display or projector or put one on standby?


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Yes, depending on your ClickShare Base Unit model you can either use the Energy Savers settings or rely on CEC to achieve the required result.

Trouble identifying your ClickShare model? Check our overview in [KB7507].
Using the Energy Savers setttings

When configuring the ClickShare Base Unit on the web interface, you can define a period of inactivity in the display settings (i.e. when no ClickShare Button is actively connected to the Base Unit), after which the unit will mute the video output to the display or projector. Depending on the configuration of the display or projector, this can trigger a standby mode in the display or projector. If this does not work, make sure you have the latest firmware installed.

As soon as a ClickShare Button is plugged into the laptop and the Client connecting to the Base Unit, the Base Unit will restore the video output signal to the display or projector, showing a welcome message or introduction screen.

The ClickShare Base Unit can also be put into standby mode by pressing the standby button at the front of the Base Unit.

Using CEC

The ClickShare CX-range (with model numbers C 3010S and C 5010S) support CEC on both the input and output. This results in the ClickShare Base Unit to be turned off when the display is turned off, and the display to be turned on when the ClickShare Base Unit is turned on. For the input this results is similar, although the input device to be turned off when the ClickShare is turned off and the ClickShare Base Unit turned on when the input device is turned on.



Last updated Mar 26 2020

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