Miracast or Airplay issues on firmware and up

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Sharing via AirPlay (CSE-200, CSE-200+ and CSE-800) or Miracast (CSE-200+) might show unstable behavior in combination with specific network capabilities or when sharing for longer periods. Symptoms indicating the instability are either not allowing the ClickShare Base Unit to connect, either the loss of the actual connection. This is mainly triggered on Base Units running with firmware versions, or

Airplay and Miracast behavior are significantly improved in firmware version 1.10. Some remaining issues are documented at the bottom.

Particular behavior before version 1.10

  • Miracast
    • Freeze of Base Unit, sometimes with self-reboot, when sharing via Miracast;
    • Sharing issues in duplicate mode with 1366x768 resolution.
  • AirPlay
    • Loss of connection with the Base Unit without possibility to re-connect (unless reset);
    • Increasing time gaps (delay) with screen sharing.


Version 1.10 resolves most of these known issues

In case of issues with Airplay or Miracast, we generally advise the following workarounds:

  • Use the ClickShare App as an alternative to Airplay or Miracast. The App is available for all major platforms (Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS), receives monthly updates, and is compatible with all ClickShare Present Base Units. It also provides additional functionality compared to Airplay / Miracast;
  • Prevent the issues from occurring by regularly rebooting the Base Unit. Bulk device reboot scheduling can be performed using the eXperience Management Suite (XMS).

Issues remaining in version 1.10

Since version 1.10 Airplay and Miracast stability have significantly improved.

A remaining known issue on Miracast that is currently under investigation is that in some rare cases the Base Unit might freeze. The known resolution so far is to power cycle the Base Unit. We are investigating and will resolve any confirmed issue as soon as possible.

One other issue that was observed on a Lenovo Thinkpad T450 device only is a green bar on top of the shared screen. This was fixed from fw version v1.11.0.2 and up.


Last updated Jun 24 2022

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