How to set up your ClickShare Conference and ClickShare Present for the first time?

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With ClickShare Conference (CX-series) and ClickShare Present (C-series), we are introducing a new setup and registration procedure for the ClickShare Base Units. This procedure is meant to:

  1. Activation: set the official start date of the product 1-year default warranty
  2. Update the Base Unit to the latest firmware
  3. Set up the SmartCare Service Contract

For your convenience, we have made these steps as easy and minimal as possible. Initializing a Base Unit should take less than 5 minutes if you have an active internet connection.


From version 2.10 and above you can configure and use your ClickShare Base Unit without the need for an internet connection. See here to know if your Base Unit has firmware version 2.10 or above pre-installed.


Barco strongly recommends that you set up your Base Unit with active internet connectivity to Base Unit.

Video tutorial:

A video tutorial explaining the different steps is given below. The same steps will be detailed below, together with further references to the detailed description and troubleshooting documentation.

How to set up your Base Unit for the first time:

  1. Take the Base Unit out of the box, and connect the Base Unit to the network and the display.

  2. Connect the power cable to the Base Unit, this will start up the device. The Barco logo will be first shown as the device boots up and afterwards, the following screen (see the image below) will be shown on your meeting room display instructing you to complete the setup.
    If your Base Unit is of CX-series, connect your meeting room peripherals to the USB port of the Base Unit at this stage. See What peripherals can be used with ClickShare Conference in the meeting room? for the list of supported peripherals and other useful information related to peripherals connectivity.


    If you have no image on the screen, this might be because you plugged in the HDMI cable after powering on the device. Make sure the display is plugged in and power cycles the Base Unit.

  3. Connect your laptop to the Base Unit Wi-Fi:
    • Find your Base Unit SSID in the list of available Wi-Fi. The default SSID is 'ClickShare-<serial base number>'
    • Enter the password (default is clickshare)
  4. Once the Wi-Fi connection is established open the ClickShare configuration wizard:
    • Open the web browser (e.g. Google Chrome) and enter the default IP address
    • Enter the login credentials, accept EULA and click Log in.
      • username: admin
      • password: admin
  5. Click Start configuration to start configuring your Base Unit. The following can be configured:


    For more information on Base Unit settings, refer to your respective Base Unit product installation manual available for download on

    • Firmware Update: By default, set to automatic (recommended): which means that your Base Unit will automatically update at any time after Barco has released a new version of the firmware.
      Manual update options allow you to update firmware manually, see How to update the firmware on your ClickShare Base Unit and Buttons? for information on the manual firmware update process.
    • Personalisation: Set language, meeting room name, location and welcome message
    • System: Set timezone and mode for date and time
    • Security level: Set the desired security level
    • Password: Set(recommended) the new password of the Base Unit Configurator
    • Network: Select a frequency band, channel, change Base Unit SSID, enable/disable SSID broadcast and set a new Base Unit Wi-Fi password.
    • SmartCare: Instruction for registering your ClickShare Base Unit SmartCare in XMS Cloud. Copy the Device token shown on this page by clicking on the copy icon

  6. Register your ClickShare Base Unit SmartCare in XMS Cloud. This simple action will ensure that the SmartCare contract is activated (for more information on SmartCare, see What is SmartCare and how to activate it? and linked to the owner of the contract (the legal entity which owns both the Base Unit and the service contract).
    • Browse to
    • Enter your email address and click Continue.

      If your email address is not known by XMS Cloud, a verification code will be sent to the entered Email address. Enter the verification code and click Continue.

    • Select the organization into which this device will be installed or create a new organization tenant if it does not exist yet.


      For the SmartCare to be correctly activated, adding the device must be done within 6 months after starting up the device for the first time, to the correct end-customer organization

      Are you installing this device for someone else? please have a look here: Setting up ClickShare Conference device for someone else

    • Enter the device token. The device token is indicated on the wizard screen.
      If you want to register multiple ClickShare Base Units simultaneously, click Click here to add multiple devices, see How to register multiple ClickShare Conference Devices at once? for detailed information.
    • Enter the meeting room name in which this device will be installed
  7. Navigate to the ClickShare configuration wizard and click Finish configuration to complete the configuration.

  8. Pair your Buttons to transfer the configuration and update the Button firmware
    Note that once paired, the Buttons will only connect to that Base Unit and when a consecutive firmware version is installed on the Base Unit, it is not required to re-pair the Buttons. Installing the new Button firmware will happen automatically when the Button is in use. For more information on Button pairing, see How to pair ClickShare Buttons
    • Plug the Button into the USB-C port on your Base Unit
    • Button starts pairing. Pairing progress can be followed on the meeting room display.
    • Wait until the LED ring on the Button changes to green and the LED on the Base Unit start flashing.
    • ClickShare Conferencing Button has been paired.
    • Remove the Button.
  9. All set! Your device is now ready to use. 
    Note that although we strongly advise you to keep the units on the network and connected to the XMS Cloud, your Base Unit does not require an active internet connection to remain functional.

Important consideration

Base Unit has firmware version 2.10 or above pre-installed - how to verify

Check the printed REV number on the backside of the packing box containing the Base Unit.

Base UnitREV numberNotes
CX-5013 and higherDelivered with firmware version 2.10 or above pre-installed
CX-3012 and higher
CX-2012 and higher
C-1004 and higher
C-504 and higher


Last updated Oct 07 2022

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