“Barco’s reputation for image quality is the best in the industry and was the clear preference of our radiologists."

Dr. Jeongseop Lee
Jeju National University Hospital

The South Korean island of Jeju features one national hospital, the Jeju National University Hospital founded in 1910, providing research, education and treatment. To help achieve its goal of being a world class hospital in ten years, JNUH is investing in new buildings, medical specialists, and cutting edge equipment and technology, including 58 Barco displays for radiology.

The displays include the high bright color display Nio Color 3MP, which provides the best quality on the market for 3MP applications; the premium diagnostic grayscale display system Coronis 5MP LED, and the Coronis Fusion 6MP.This variety of technologically advanced medical imaging solutions provide doctors and technicians the equipment they need to better serve their patients in an efficient, affordable and reliable way.

Barco displays offer vast real estate for efficient diagnostic workflow, making diagnostic images easy to organize and read, while the luminance and contrast improve image quality, all of which support making more informed decisions. The radiologists at JNUH found the Barco displays provide clear images that helps them diagnose more accurately and efficiently. They found they could see the images consistently bright and clear, from every angle, even in a light reading room.

Mr. Choi xx of JNUH stated, “Barco’s reputation for image quality is the best in the industry and was the clear preference of our radiologists. Selecting Barco for our monitors is an investment that will help us achieve our goal of continuing to provide the best health care to our patients.”


Barco Solution

  • Nio Color 3MP (MDNC-3421)
  • Coronis 5MP LED (MDCG-5221)
  • Coronis Fusion 6MP LED (MDCC-6430)

Why Barco?

  • High Brightness
  • Good Quality
  • Enhances Diagnostic Efficiency