Lindholmen Visual Arena

Gothenburg, SE - 2013

Visualization to help drive economical growth

“Visualization has a huge potential to drive increased growth in several industrial sectors”: that is the belief of the Chalmers University of Technology and the University and City of Gothenburg, Sweden. To highlight that belief, they set up a unique project: the Visual Arena Lindholmen. Situated at the heart of Lindholmen Science Park, the Visual Arena is a world-class visualization environment where researchers, businesses and public stakeholders are all welcome to collaborate and share ideas.

The Arena’s nerve center is a large studio with a 6m x 3.2m screen for advanced visualization techniques, training and research. The 3D images are rendered on-screen by a Barco Galaxy 4K-23 projector - chosen in a public tender on account of its excellent color saturation and solid color and brightness uniformity - which was integrated by Barco partner Nanco.

Looking back upon the first year using the projector, everyone is happy with the image quality. With its 4K (4096x2160) resolution and 23,000 lumens light output, Barco’s Galaxy 4K-23 projector is indeed ideal for projections that need very bright 3D. Its 4K resolution ensures that important details are very visible.

The projector’s sealed optical engine, its enhanced display chip cooling, modular design and user-friendly interface further guarantee a low Total Cost of Ownership, which is especially appreciated by the management.

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