Emerson Process Management

Austin, Texas, US - 2014

As fabricas de energia e processamento dependem de sofisticadas soluções de automação industrial para monitorar e gerenciar a atividade de produção e processamento 24 horas por dia no mundo todo. O desafio: exibir grandes volumes de dados de imagem e sensor, enquanto melhora as comunicações remotas permitindo decisões rápidas e efetivas quando cada minuto conta. O Centro “Integrado de Operações” iOps da Emerson, operado pela visualização em rede e plataforma de colaboração da Barco, oferece uma demonstração ao vivo para mostrar aos consumidores o caminho do sucesso.

When Emerson envisioned its iOps Center, the team had three distinct goals: wirelessly present to customers, quickly manipulate sources on the wall and user workstations, and change over the demo room scenarios from one industry vertical to another in five minutes. Barco provided the technology and support to help them achieve all of these goals and more.

The new visualization platform comprises a 30-foot Barco rear projected LED video wall to simultaneously display dozens of sources from various locations, creating a robust,Today’s energy and processing plants rely on sophisticated industrial automation solutions to monitor and manage production and processing activity around the clock and across the globe. The challenge: display large volumes of graphic and sensor data, while enhancing remote communications, to enable fast, effective decisions when minutes count. The Emerson iOps “Integrated Operations” Center, powered by Barco’s networked visualization and collaboration platform, provides a live demo environment to show customers the way to succeed.

common operational picture that enhances situational awareness. Utilizing Barco Control Room Management Suite (CMS) software, operators can dynamically display, configure and share all types of rich content, creating unique perspectives to illustrate supply and operations data and graphics. Barco Galaxy NW-12 projectors provide stereoscopic imagery utilizing Emerson’s control, automation and management software solutions to precisely render visuals in 3D.

Barco ClickShare further enhances collaboration, providing a flexible interface that enables workers to use their smartphone, tablet or laptop to simultaneously share screen information from the control room to the conference room and beyond. Users can remotely share content without using a virtual private network, remote desktop or central servers – and get the flexibility and security they need.

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