Barco helps delight the senses at La Cité du Vin

Bordeaux, FR - 2016

Thought museums were dull places stuffed with dusty artifacts? Think again! The world’s museums are quickly reinventing themselves to become centers for interaction, education and entertainment. One of the most brilliant examples might be La Cité du Vin in Bordeaux, the capital of France’s most prestigious wine region.

Barco solution

  • F series projectors
  • Medialon solutions

Why Barco?

  • Lifelike images
  • Ease of use
  • Powerful control system
Opened in June 2016 in a truly iconic building, La Cité du Vin takes you on a journey through the worlds of wine and culture. AV systems integrator VIDELIO - IEC equipped the permanent exhibition - the heart of La Cité du Vin - with 49 Barco F-series projectors, which are controlled by Medialon solutions, to make the visit utterly immersive. The feedback from visitors? “Emerveillement,” says museum director Philippe Massol. “They’re absolutely in awe.”

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We couldn’t be more satisfied with the Barco solutions.

Philippe Massol

The projectors ensure stable, high-contrast images with vivid colors and superior reliability.

Stéphane Feuillet

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