Premium automotive manufacturer goes bold and bright with Barco modular LED displays

Munich, DE - 2018

The automotive brand BMW Group is known for precision engineering, quality and performance, BMW Group opened the doors of the BMW Welt in Munich, a ‘brand temple’ that serves as a combination of exhibition, delivery center, museum and visitor experience venue. When after 10 years of service, many of the AV systems at BMW Welt failed to live up to the BMW Group technical requirements, BMW Group decided to completely upgrade the existing technological infrastructure. The goal? To implement a modern, flexible, ergonomic and centralized tech and communication system that works with existing architecture. One of the partners? Barco!

Barco solution 

  • X2 LED modules
  • X 1.6 LED modules

Why Barco? 

  • Easy integration 
  • Image quality
  • Long technology lifespan
BMW Welt in Munich, Germany, is the heart and soul of the automotive giant. Located next to BMW Groups’ famous “four-cylinder” headquarters, the massive, modern, artistic-looking building houses BMW’s delivery center as well as a museum, several restaurants and much more. With over 20 million visitors since its opening in 2007, the Welt is the most visited tourist attraction in Bavaria. To get ready for its 100-year anniversary in September 2016, BMW Group updated all 15 sites at BMW’s Munich ‘brand temple’.


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copyright images: macom GmbH

The amazing performance of Barco’s LED video wall technology speaks for itself.

Peter Greinecker

Project Manager at Kraftwerk Living Technologies

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