Barco and partners upgraded Synra Dome with advanced projection technology

Tokyo, JP - 2018

The Science Museum in Tokyo has been educating and entertaining visitors for over 50 years since it was first established by the Japanese Science Foundation. One of its biggest attractions is the Synra Dome, a dome-shaped theater in which 3D images give encompassing views of the universe, as well as real-time views of the sky as seen from an observatory in America. Orihalcon Technologies, a company that develops system construction software for large image projection systems, such as dome theaters, teamed with Barco for the upgrade of the Synra Dome.

Barco solution
  • F35-AS3D projectors

Why Barco ?

  • Advanced projection technology
  • Consistent high quality 
  • Cost-effective 

“To reliably provide our audiences with 3D imagery, we needed technology that both guaranteed consistent high quality and was cost-effective,” explained Hikaru Okuno, the Japanese Science Foundation engineer for the Science Museum who worked with Barco on this project. “Thanks to Barco’s specific design, these projectors meet all challenges posed by dome projection by providing us with one complete, seamless image.”

Barco replaced the existing system with six Barco F35-AS3D projectors. The flexibility of this technology means it delivers greater stability from less input. The images are more effective: they combine high-quality projection lenses with RealColor color management technology, with brightness levels that reach as high as 7,500 lumens. Now, the blacks are blacker and the colors more vibrant, creating high-definition images that completely absorb the audience. They work seamlessly with the Orihalcon Technologies software to deliver results have to be seen to be believed :

“Barco’s setup allowed us to bring science to life and amaze our audiences,” says Hikaru Okuno. The in-house engineer at the Science Museum was especially pleased with the result. With other upgrades and developments already planned for the future, Barco has pledged their assistance, in the name of entertaining and educating audiences.


Thanks to Barco’s specific design, the projectors meet all challenges by providing us with one complete, seamless image.

Hikaru Okuno

Japanese Science Foundation engineer for the Science Museum

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