Barco video walls brighten studios of TV Chosun

Seoul, KR - 2018

Barco solution
  • OVL-715 LED video wall
  • Barco UniSee
  • E2
  • EC-50
  • ECU-200
Why Barco ?
  • Delivers high-quality images 
  • High contrast, brightness adjustable video walls
  • Highly trusted controllers

TV Chosun sits at the top of the mass media corporations in Korea. Up-to-the-minute news is beamed nationwide, always professional and radiating excellence. Thanks to the recent installation of Barco video walls in their main studio and studio B, along with state-of-the-art Barco controllers, TV Chosun is delivering high-quality news before a backdrop of perfectly balanced images that helps increasing audience engagement during live news broadcasts.

The Barco solutions were the unrivalled choice for recent upgrades and TV Chosun couldn’t be more impressed with the results. Barco’s OVL-715 LED video wall panels form the 15x2 backdrop in the main studio. With narrow bezels, the high contrast and adjustable brightness and broad white-point-setting range, the OVL-715 is optimized with the Sense6 automatic calibration system. With images supplied via redundant, loop-through video input and presented with redundant LED illumination, the result is a professional presentation that has thrilled TV Chosun.

“With this upgrade, TV Chosun is cementing its public image as the most professional and reliable broadcaster in the business,” says Dongmin Shin, the Deputy Director at TV Chosun. “The OLV-715 LED video wall delivers a crystal-clear news backdrop that gives our viewers the first-class images they deserve.”  

In the B studio, images are displayed in perfect clarity and unmatched uniformity in each tile and across the entirety of- a Barco UniSee 2x2 bezel-less LCD video wall. Barco UniSee delivers a range of benefits thanks to its modular set-up, but it is the easily adjustable brightness and the ability to switch from low to high brightness—either automatically or scheduled—that offers broadcasters ultimate peace of mind.

With operations at TV Chosun carried out in the studios and control room using E2, EC-50 and ECU-200 controllers, everything is running more smoothly than ever before. It’s news that viewers trust, presented on high-definition screens and technology that, in turn, the broadcasters are more than happy to trust.

With this upgrade, TV Chosun cements its public image as the most professional and reliable broadcaster in the business

Dongmin Shin

the Deputy Director at TV Chosun

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