UDX-4K32 projectors at the anniversary of historic site Medina Azahara

Cordoba, ES - 2019

Medina Azahara, outside Cordoba, was known as the “shining city”. Built in the late 900s, it was a Caliphate seat of great power and beauty.
  • Quicker installation, lower costs, optimal asset management
  • Unmatched colors, 4K resolution, and best-in-class processing
  • Unbelievable experiences thanks to exceptional performance

The Spanish event specialist Congress System was charged with creating a spectacular projection mapping to celebrate the first anniversary of the city’s status as a UNESCO world heritage site. They focused their attention on the impressive portico of the Plaza de Armas.

To create a suitable effect while interfering as little as possible with the site, they called on two of the latest Barco UDX-4K32s for the ease of installation and superb color rendition.

The remarkable history of the site was told with 3D animations, photos and videos. An 8,000-watt sound system supported the soundtrack.

Spanish media admired the quality and importance of the event.

Rafael Escudero

Congress System