Energy sector customer sees what makes Barco Unisee a superior screen

Brussels, BE - 2019

A multinational energy company in Belgium has set up a Barco Unisee system in their atrium as a 4x4 welcome wall for internal information and marketing, and immediately noticed the difference between it and the previous display.
4 x 4 Barco UniSee LCD video wall

Every colleague is delighted about the quality of the screens and they are working perfectly, according to the company. With Barco Unisee, the colors are vivid, making a dynamic visual impression on visitors when they enter the building. And the automatic calibration of the 16 screens operates so seamlessly, it makes you feel as if you are looking at one big screen. That’s the biggest advantage, the company said – there’s absolutely no noticeable difference in image or color from screen to screen. 

Because the company is innovating, having the most innovative imaging technology for a welcome wall was important for their brand image. The company was in the market for an updated videowall and found the Barco Unisee solution worked much better than the alternatives – there is better calibration between each screen, making the image uniform rather than a screen with color inconsistencies. What’s more, it’s brighter and immediately eye-catching.

Barco has proven it has the necessary experience in terms of visual equipment, and the energy giant was looking for a welcome wall that was easy to maintain, operate and calibrate. They had seen a demonstration at Barco and their interest was sparked during their visit.

“There was no doubt that Barco was the right solution. It matches all of our needs.”

The Barco Unisee welcome wall was installed by Play AV, a long-standing partner of the energy company.

“We really feel listened to as a customer, and they also have a solution for every problem. They are flexible, fast, and proactive. When we mandate Play AV for a meeting room, a welcome wall, a screen or other IT equipment, we are always happy.”

It makes you feel as if you are looking at one big screen.

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