Visualizing biodiversity research in Sweden with Barco-powered GeoDome Globe installations

Sweden - 2023

The Elumenati are a design and engineering firm creating innovative solutions for immersive visualization. With over twenty years in business, they build VR domes and collaborative spaces for immersive and interactive experiences. Their GeoDome Globes are turnkey solutions with internally projected spheres to visualize global datasets in 360° and group VR experiences. Most recently, they’ve installed two Barco-powered globes in different locations in Sweden.

Barco solutions:
  • 2x F90-4K13
  • 2x F80-4K12
Key benefits:
  • Great image quality at 4K UHD resolution with highly saturated colors 
  • Barco Pulse processing that allows for less latency and high refresh rates
  • Ultimate installation flexibility
  • Compatibility with third-party accessories for smooth integration



The first GeoDome Globe can be found in the new Wadströms Exploranation Laboratory which his part of the Visualization Center C  at Linköping University. Researchers in climate, environment, and sociology collaborated to visualize new discoveries (exploration) and to explain the results of research to the public (explanation). The globe is one of several data-driven interactive experiences on climate, biodiversity, marine environments, and human interactions with the world around us.

The second GeoDome Globe is part of a new biodiversity exhibit at Skansen in Stockholm, which is the world’s oldest open-air museum. Visitors explore Swedish history and cultural heritage as well as learning about the natural world at the zoo, aquarium, and Baltic Sea Science Center. The biodiversity exhibit looks at the intersection between natural processes and human life on the planet, exploring climate change with a critical lens and inspiring Skansen visitors to be part of solutions.




Both the Linköping University and the Skansen museum believe in the importance of making scientific information accessible to learners of all ages. Interactive visualization technology can play a huge role in this mission by making complex phenomena more understandable, adn spherical displays show the information in context.

In both cases, immersion and interactivity enable cross-disciplinary exploration of a broad range of topics, creating meaningful learning experiences from real data.




The 1.5m-diameter globe installation at Linköping University is lit by two Barco F90 projectors with 11.6 Mpix resolution at 25,000 lumens. The Skansen globe, which has the same size, blends two Barco F80-4K12s housed in a streamlined enclosure.

The F80 and F90 4K UHD single-chip laser phosphor projectors can run in any orientation, enabling flexibility in projector location and orientation for these globe installations. 

Both systems use the Barco-powered dual-channel solutions in combination with the Elumenati OmniFocus lenses, and blending is managed with Elumenati software. Content for the globes and touchscreen interface was created in The Elumenati’s WorldViewer immersive content management system.




The Barco-powered GeoDome Globes are key centerpieces in both exhibitions. The F80 and F90 projectors deliver all content with a high level of detail and saturated colors at high refresh rates, enabling a smooth interactive experience where visualization technology meets research data.

The systems have enabled the teams at the Linköping Lab and the Skansen museum to build cross-disciplinary immersive experiences with visitors of all ages interacting with scientific material and exploring their interest in science, sustainability and technology.

The complete GeoDome Globe package integrates state-of-the-art hardware and powerful software in an uncomplicated design. I have recommended it to other science centers around Sweden, and will gladly continue working with more installations than just our own.

Erik Sunden

CTO at Visualization Center C

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